LCME FAQ and Contacts

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key issues the LCME will review?
The LCME evaluates five major themes to assess the quality of a medical school – institutional setting, resources, faculty, curriculum and students.


Accreditation Project Office
The Accreditation Project Office works with strategic partners in academic and clinical leadership throughout Harvard Medical School to oversee the full LCME accreditation process. These key contacts are available to address any questions or comments you may have.

Accreditation Contacts:
Edward Hundert, MD, Dean for Medical Education, LCME Accreditation Faculty Lead
Aili Lewis, Director of Institutional Planning and Policy, LCME Site Visit Coordinator
Bernard Chang, MD, Advisory Dean, Peabody Society, LCME Faculty Fellow
Jane Neill, Associate Dean for Medical Education Planning and Administration
Natasha Miller, Accreditation Project Manager
Claire Scully, Program Coordinator, Program in Medical Education

​LCME Email: