Quad-based Reporting

About HMS

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The Office for Academic and Research Integrity works with faculty by aiding them in reporting any outside activities or relationships with industry.

  • Outside Activities can be referenced as ALL outside professional income, uncompensated activities, royalties, and equity holdings relevant to institutional responsibilities.
  • All new or ending industry relationships must be reported within 30 days knowledge of the change.

A Brief Summary on What to Report

  • HMS has a zero dollar reporting threshold. This means that you must report ALL relevant outside activities, including those for which you do not receive compensation.
  • You must include relevant interests held by your partner/spouse and your dependent children (family).
  • Not Just Conflicts. The reporting requirement is independent of whether your financial interests represent potential, perceived or actual conflict of interest.
  • Entity Reporting. You are required to report each entity with which you have an outside relationship and/or a financial interest.
  • You must report relationships with and financial interests in pharmaceutical, device, biotechnology, and medical education and communication companies.
    If you have any questions about what else needs to be reported, keep in mind the following:
    Report any relationship that relies upon the experiences and professional expertise that serve as the basis for your faculty appointment.


  • Examples of Relevant Activities
    Any relationship with an individual or entity that:
  • Conducts biomedical research.
  • Produces, provides or markets medical services, tools, devices, or products.
  • Prepares and/or publishes biomedical journals, textbooks or other educational materials.
  • Advocates for or on behalf of physicians, researchers, patients and/or academics.


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