2015 COI Policy Review

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2015 COI Policy Review

2015 Review of the Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

November 2015 — Dean Flier announces a small but meaningful adjustment to the basic Research Support Rule of the Faculty of Medicine Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment.  
January 9, 2015 — Dean Flier announces that he asked the Faculty of Medicine’s Standing Committee on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment, in consultation with colleagues across the HMS community, to review the HMS Policy. 

HMS Standing Committee on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

  1. Chair: Robert James Mayer
  2. Donald A. Goldmann
  3. Julie Glowacki
  4. Alexa Kimball
  5. Sean Megason
  6. Jane Newburger
  7. Michael O’Connell
  8. Leo Otterbein
  9. Christine Riedy
  10. Luk Vandenberghe
  11. Ronald Tompkins
  12. Rochelle Walensky
  13. Bruce Zetter
  14. Peter Zimetbaum
  15. Nancy Tarbell (Ex officio)
  16. Maureen Connelly (Ex officio)
  17. Gretchen Brodnicki (Ex officio)

Office for Academic and Research Integrity

Gretchen Brodnicki, J.D.
Dean for Faculty and Research Integrity

Jennifer Ryan, J.D.

Whitney Dodds, J.D. 
Program Manager for Outside Activities

Cindi-Ann Hirst
Conflict of Interest Coordinator

2015 Policy Review
The Standing Committee continues to review other aspects of the COI Policy.  We encourage you, our faculty, to share thoughts about your experience with this COI policy, in particular the Clinical Research Rule, and your views of the impact of the policy both on our community and on our ability to effectively conduct biomedical research.  Please send your suggestions to us at outside_activities@hms.harvard.edu so that the Standing Committee can benefit from your input during the review process.