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Produced by the HMS Office of Communications and External Relations:

Gina Vild
Associate Dean for Communications and External Relations

M.R.F. Buckley
Director of Editorial Services

Harvard Medical School
25 Shattuck Street, Gordon Hall
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 432-0442


Writing and editing by M.R.F. Buckley and Christine Paul; design and art direction by Paul DiMattia; copyediting by Bobbie Collins, Susan Karcz and Ann Marie Menting; research assistance by Savannah Young. Photography by Above Summit, Steve Lipofsky, Tony Rinaldo, John Soares and Bethany Versoy. Additional photos courtesy of BrainGate, Douglas Richardson/Harvard Center for Biological Imaging, iStock/Danil Melekhin and A. Pakieka/Science Source. Printed by Kirkwood Printing.

For Inquiries or Additional Copies:

Office of Communications and External Relations
107 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Suite 111
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 432-0442