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The magazine seeks to capture the work of the Harvard Medicine community and its power to make contributions to human health.

Since 1927, Harvard Medicine, formerly known as the Harvard Medical Alumni Bulletin, has featured doctors' voices on topics ranging from the healing power of music to the neurology of humor.

CURRENT ISSUE: The Environment

Autumn 2017

The new issue of Harvard Medicine magazine—The Environment—is now available online. Click here for features and web exclusive videos.

Introducing Rounds: Details, Updates, and Observations from Alumni

Harvard Medicine magazine is launching a new section designed specifically to capture the voices, memories, and insights of HMS alumni. Each issue will carry alumni responses to specific questions, such as: Who was your mentor when you were at HMS, and how did that person’s advice guide you and what would you tell someone who asks if they should become a doctor?
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For the inaugural Rounds, alumni were invited to answer the question: What is your favorite Vanderbilt Hall memory? Read the responses here »

For more information, please contact:
The Alumni Engagement team
(617) 384-8520