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FY 15 Year End Information:

  • Slides from our June 10th presentation (requires eCommons login information).
  • Year end edition of eNews for important information relating to the year end close. 

Fellowship vs. Reimbursements Policy

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new financial policy, Fellowship Payments and Reimbursements for Students and Non-employee Postdocs/Fellows. The policy went into effect as of 1/1/2015 and is now posted on the University's Financial Policy website.  An information session was held recently on the Longwood campus, and following is the link to the slides from that session.

Follow up questions may be directed to Andrea Sexton at (617) 495-3976 or at

New Journal Category Created

A new journal category has been created for recording prepaid expense adjustments, Prepaid Expenses.  Please begin using this category for all of your prepaid journal entries.

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) is a new reporting platform currently under development by the University.  The OBI dashboards will replace the current CREW reporting system, and we are currently live with CAPS, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management and Accounts Payable dashboards.  The OBI-GMAS reporting dashboard will be available sometime late July-early August.  The OBI Project Team will begin the planning phase of the OBI financial dashboards (which includes detail listing) during FY16, with anticipated rollout in early FY17.  The OBI dashboards will provide more robust reporting, with many updated features.  Training materials will be available through the OBI Wiki page found at:

OBI Tools Training:

Would you like to film a commercial?  The project team is looking to film 2 minute commercials with individuals who are using the new dashboards to improve their workflow.  If you would be interested in participating in a commercial which will be viewed by the Harvard community, please contact Cheryl O'Toole.

For questions related to the OBI rollout, please contact Cheryl O'Toole at 617-998-6887 or

Verifying ADI Journal Worksheet Uploads in Oracle

Some users are still having issues when uploading their ADI spreadsheets to the Oracle GL. These issues may occur when ADI journals having more lines than the original spreadsheet are imported to the GL. FSS is currently working with the Oracle Vendor to potentially add software patches to address these issues. As a best practice, we strongly recommend that users always log into Oracle GL and check that their entries match the desired line counts and debit/credits after each ADI submission. Taking this precaution can save time in the future. Please review the updated work instruction, Verify an ADI Journal Worksheet, on Additionally, FSS recommends that you use new spreadsheets from Oracle to upload; do not use older spreadsheets that have been used for long periods of time.


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