About HMS Next


HMS Next is an initiative that is enabling our community to transform the way we operate in order to achieve success, foster progress and ensure a healthy academic future.  HMS Next was formed with the goal of ensuring that we can extend the pre-eminence of Harvard Medical School while addressing the financial challenges we face as a community. More »



As HMS Next gains momentum, we will keep you updated on our progress through this website and other public forums.

As opportunities are identified, workstream recommendations are reviewed with the HMS Operations Management Group and other School leadership. Vetted and approved projects, currently being implemented, are summarized here.


Optimizing procurement services

Our community has identified the need for better management of purchasing goods and services as a key driver of future cost savings for the School. We anticipate that a more effective procurement process will result in significant cost savings to the School while streamlining the process for the community. To support this initiative, we have brought in Jeff DiCiaccio to serve as the director of strategic procurement at HMS.  DiCiaccio leads an office accountable for working with our community to develop procurement strategies that will ensure access to the goods and services we need to support our activities, and to establish and leverage existing relationships with suppliers that allow us to obtain the most competitive price for those goods we require.

One key component of this initiative is the development of a preferred office supply list to help guide and streamline purchases.

Standardize Hardware
Establishing a list of more cost effective standards for laptops, desktops, printers, and mobile devices will provide for significant cost savings across administrative and support functions. Fewer, more cost effective standards also allows HMS IT to provide a much higher level of service by streamlining procurement, setup, and delivery through the maintaining of an in-house inventory of hardware configured to these standards.

Online portal for printed materials
An online portal simplifies the process of ordering branded print materials and will save money. An intuitive process makes it easy to access the HCOM Marketplace, where users can order business cards, letterhead and other printed materials that align with the HMS brand standards.

Use of the University FedEx tool currently offers efficiencies and savings for domestic shipping of paper and simple materials.  At the same time, HMS is advocating for enhancements to the tool which will lead to significant savings when shipping overseas and shipping more specialized materials such as items requiring dry ice.

Evaluation of cleaning contract
An evaluation of the level of contracted custodial services provided across the HMS campus was completed. The contract with an external vendor that supports HMS custodial services was reviewed and renegotiated, resulting in a restructuring of services and reduced expense to HMS, without any change to the existing HMS custodial staffing levels.

Cleaning supply contract

In early 2013, HMS competitive bid the contract for supplies for custodial use. A new vendor was approved and a three-year contract that generated cost savings was signed.

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Over the course of 2012, the School developed greater insight into how it is organized. HMS benchmarked itself internally and against other institutions, and opportunities to improve efficiencies were identified. This laid the groundwork to bring together individuals from throughout the community to collaborate across a variety of workstreams that were charged with assessing current practices and identifying opportunities to streamline operations in order to generate greater efficiencies and preserve resources for the School's dual education and research missions. The workstreams draw on the expertise of individuals form throughout the community.

Shared Administrative Services

  •     Optimizing Efforts and Compliance
  •     Service Centers
  •     Visas @ HMS

HR Productivity Initiatives


IT Service and Delivery

  •     Transition of generic services
  •     Optimized Customer Service Operations
  •     Standardize Hardware

Managed Procurement

  •     Manage Purchasing at HMS Level
  •     Consolidate Supplies for Cleaning Supplies & Waste Removal
  •     Optimize Postage Spend
  •     Optimize Print Spend
  •     Office Supply Catalog

Facilities & Operations

  •     Increase Energy Efficiency with Occupancy-Based Sensors
  •     Increase Lab/Vivarium Efficiency Measures
  •     Renegotiate RUC/Supplier Agreement with MATEP
  •     Optimize Lock-Out Services
  •     Minimize Spending on ID Card Issues
  •     Enhance Automation of Security Access Points
  •     Modify Institutional Housekeeping and Maintenance Programs
  •     Replace Paper Towels with Electric Dryers (evaulated but not

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HMS Next is enabling our community

to transform the way we operate so as to achieve success, foster progress and ensure a healthy future.