Student life at Harvard Medical School is a celebration of diversity.



The study of medicine is a powerful integration of science, technologies, experience, and experiment that enables its students to alleviate human pain and suffering wherever in the world it may occur. At its finest, it is a quest to improve the human condition.

To study medicine at Harvard is to prepare to play a leading role in this quest.

For over two centuries, Harvard Medical School has excelled not only in teaching the practice of medicine but also in bringing out the best in those who practice it.

If medicine is your calling, there is no better place to be than at Harvard Medical School. We look forward to receiving your completed application.


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A new MD curriculum beginning with the Class of 2019.

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On the second day of medical school,

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A Summary in Primary Care:
A Student’s Perspective

At a time where health care costs and patient outcomes have an almost inverse relationship, and where there has long been great inequality in health care access, it is greatly encouraging as a student to enter an area of the United States where such a large movement is underway to implement a different and more appropriate model for health care delivery.



Twin Healers

Volunteer work at a cancer clinic was not just a shared experience for Rosh and Roshan Sethi, but a formative one.






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