Networked Learning, Technology and Global Connections Subcommittee

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Strategic Planning for Continuing Education: Subcommittee on Networked Learning, Technology and Global Connections

The Subcommittee on Networked Learning, Technology and Global Connections was asked to consider the vision for teaching online CME, the technology needs to support CME online, how HMS should engage in networked learning, and what role HMS should play in the global market for continuing medical education. The subcommittee reviewed the current status of online learning in the Department of Continuing Education (DCE), explored networked learning, discussed a course content review process for online CME offerings, engaged in a discussion about pedagogical principles and interactive networked learning as well as the use of technology to supplement live CME courses. In addition, the subcommittee discussed the infrastructure and administrative needs for the current state of online CME as well as any potential expansions, and reviewed criteria for evaluating online courses. Finally, the subcommittee discussed a framework for a cycle of inquiry to help define further a strategic vision for HMS about which CME courses to offer online. 

Subcommittee Report (required eCommons access)


Elliot Chaikof, PhD, MD, Head of the Department of Surgery (BIDMC)

David Golan, PhD, MD, Dean for Graduate Education and Special Advisor for Global Programs (HMS)


Jason Alvarez, Director of Educational Technology and Software Development (HMS)

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD, Director of the Harvard Macy Institute (HMS)

Johanna Gutlerner, PhD, Associate Director of the Curriculum Fellows Program (HMS)

Andi Long, Associate Director of Distance Learning (HMS)

Joseph Loscalzo, PhD, MD, Head of the Department of Medicine (BWH)

Michael Parker, Assistant Professor of Medicine (BIDMC)

Charles Pozner, MD, Medical Director, Neil and Elise Wallace STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation (BWH)

Ajay Singh, MD, MB, Director of Global Programs (HMS)

Stone Wiske, EdD, Lecturer on Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education, co-principal investigator for WIDE World (GSE)

Gina Vild, Associate Dean for Communications and External Relations (HMS)


Megan Halligan, Coordinator, Institutional Planning (HMS)

Aili Lewis, Director of Institutional Planning (HMS)

Cat Sherrill, Project Manager, Institutional Planning (HMS)