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Office for Academic and Research Integrity

Harvard Medical School
Gordon Hall, Suite 407
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: (617) 432-1343
Fax: (617) 432-0566

Gretchen Brodnicki, J.D.
Dean for Faculty and Research Integrity

Lynn Larsen
Executive Coordinator

Jeff Seo, J.D.
Executive Director of Research Integrity and Compliance

Tenzin Dawa
Office Coordinator

Jennifer Ryan, J.D.
Associate Director of Research Integrity

Keri Godin, M.S.
Assistant Director of Research Integrity

Dr. Mortimer Litt, M.D.
Chief Scientific Investigator

Dr. Mary Walsh, Ph.D.
Deputy Scientific Investigator

Blake Talbot, MPH
Research Integrity Administrator

Whitney Dodds, J.D.
Program Manager for Outside Activities

Patrick Gilligan
Academic and Research Integrity Coordinator

Cindi-Ann Hirst
Conflict of Interest Coordinator

Erin Kennedy
Academic and Research Integrity Coordinator