Performance Management

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ePerformance, is the PeopleSoft system for recording and capturing annual Performance Management Data.

Department Administrators were able to choose from three form-types offered within ePerformance for the FY15 performance year (*ask your Department Administrator which form your department will be utilizing):

  1. Standard Form – This is the most complete form.  It provides separate sections for identifying specific goals (both results-based and professional development) and competencies, as well as optional sections for collecting feedback at year-end.  It is the most iterative, in that there is system-facilitated interaction between the staff member and manager at the beginning of the performance cycle (Planning/Goal Setting) as well as the end of the cycle (Assessment).
  2. Summary Form – This form is completed by the manager at the end of the performance cycle (Assessment).  It provides space for a specific narrative summary for goals completed (both results-based and professional development) and competencies demonstrated.
  3. Exception Form – This form is completed by the manager at the end of the performance cycle (Assessment).  It provides a single space for a narrative summary for overall performance.


Ratings Summary 

Competency Dictionary

Planning/Goal Setting Form for Summary and Exception Form Users

Self-paced Learning and Resources

FY15 Timeline:

September 30, 2014 - Goal Setting and Planning completed:

  • Standard Form users – Staff and managers will enter this information directly into PeopleSoft (Self-Service or Manager Self-Service>Performance Management>My Current or Team Current Documents).
  • Summary and Exception Form users – Staff and managers will capture FY15 goals in an electronic format that can be updated and referred to for the Assessment Phase in the spring of 2015.  Planning/Goal Setting Form for Summary and Exception Form Users (PDF)

January/February 2015 - Informal Interim Check-in Discussions completed (this is a useful way to discuss and implement any adjustments to goal content and/or goal dates).

May 31 through July 31, 2015Performance Assessments completed (timing will vary for some departments).

2014 Harvard Longwood Campus
On My Own Time Exhibit
Now Accepting Submissions!

On My Own Time (OMOT) is an exhibit that features the diverse talents and interests of staff, faculty, post-docs, and students, providing the opportunity to bring one's whole self to work and showcase talents that may not be apparent to your colleagues.  Past exhibit entries included music, dance, photography, textiles, basket-weaving, poetry, sculpture, cooking, and more.


The OMOT exhibit will include HSPH, HMS, and HSDM. The exhibit will be displayed at the HSDM Research Education Building at 190 Longwood Avenue (located directly behind 188 Longwood Avenue) from November 12-21, 2014All are invited to the reception celebration on Wednesday, November 12th from 2:30p-4:30p in the lobby of the Research Education Building.


If you would like to participate, please complete the entry form found hereThe deadline for submissions is Friday, October 24, 2014.


Please contact the OMOT team with any questions at, or call either Tania Rodriguez (617.432.3809) or Ilia Maldonado (617.432.1627).



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