Executive Education Subcommittee

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Strategic Planning for Continuing Education: Subcommittee on Executive Education

The Subcommittee on Executive Education was asked to explore the appropriateness and feasibility of an executive education initiative at HMS, based on an analysis and assessment of the medical school’s mission as well as the infrastructure/resources that might be required to develop and sustain a successful program.  The subcommittee focused its efforts on considering what types of courses might best leverage the expertise of the medical school’s faculty and meet the needs of potential learners.

Subcommittee Report (requires eCommons access)


Barbara McNeil, MD, PhD, Head of the Department of Health Care Policy (HMS)

Barrett Rollins, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer (DFCI)


John Ayanian, MD, Professor of Health Care Policy (HMS)

Sanjiv Chopra, MBBS, MACP, Faculty Dean for Continuing Medical Education (HMS)

John Fernandez, MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer (MEEI)

Peter Howley, MD, Shattuck Professor of Pathological Anatomy (HMS)

David Margulies, MD, Research Associate in Biomedical Informatics (HMS)

Lisa Muto, PhD, Associate Dean for Institutional Planning and Policy (HMS)

Richard Schwartzstein, MD, Ellen and Melvin Gordon Professor of Medical Education (BIDMC)


Aili Lewis, Director of Institutional Planning (HMS)