HMS TransMed Program

HMS TransMed: Identifying Unmet Medical Needs and Translational Solutions


In this course, students will investigate how unmet medical needs are identified, follow the discovery process that uncovers the causes of disease, and examine the practice of effective disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment. The course will feature assessments of unmet medical needs, case studies of successes and failures in translation, seminars from translational experts, and workshops that engage students in substantive and intensive discussions on current topics.  An optional component of the course will have students travel to Durban, South Africa, the center of the HIV epidemic to understand unmet needs in a resource-poor setting and devise potential solutions.

The deep understanding of translational medicine imparted by the HMS TransMed course will endow students with the requisite lens through which to identify the unmet medical needs of patients and engage in the creation of novel interventions.


To engage future biomedical research leaders in the practice of translational medicine.


This program is expected to serve MD, MD/PhD, and PhD students from Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, and MIT, and MD students and fellows from other US and international institutions. Enrollment will be limited to 30 students.


June 13 - 24, 2016
Two weeks of intensive class work at Harvard Medical School

June 25 - July 1, 2016
One week of field work in Durban, South Africa, Hosted by the HIV Pathogenesis Programme


Applications available December 1, 2015.

Applications due January 21, 2016.

HMS TransMed Faculty of Interest

Faculty Director  
Jagesh Shah, PhD HMS/BWH/HST
Global Component Co-Director
Filippos Porichis, PhD The Ragon Institute
Curriculum Fellow  
Catherine Dubreuil, PhD HMS
Participating Faculty (for complete list see Faculty tab) 
Donald Coen, PhD HMS
Daniel DeAngelo, MD DFCI
Paul Ridker, MD BWH
Eric Rubin, MD HSPH
Vicki Sato, PhD HBS
Oxana Beskrovnaya, PhD Genzyme/Sanofi
Alexis Borisy Third Rock Ventures
Edward Garmey, MD Cerulean Pharma, Inc.
Tim MacLachlan, PhD, DABT Novartis
Alfred Sandrock, PhD Biogen IDEC