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Mouse models of cell death.

Nat. Genet.
Ranger AM, Malynn BA, Korsmeyer SJ.
| 5 31, 2001

Open-reading-frame sequence tags (OSTs) support the existence of at least 17,300 genes in C. elegans.

Nat. Genet.
Reboul J, Vaglio P, Tzellas N, Thierry-Mieg N, Moore T, Jackson C, Shin-i T, Kohara Y, Thierry-Mieg D, Thierry-Mieg J, Lee H, Hitti J, Doucette-Stamm L, Hartley JL, Temple GF, Brasch MA, Vandenhaute J, Lamesch PE, Hill DE, Vidal M.
| 3 10, 2001

Dominant-negative mutations of CEBPA, encoding CCAAT/enhancer binding protein-alpha (C/EBPalpha), in acute myeloid leukemia.

Nat. Genet.
Pabst T, Mueller BU, Zhang P, Radomska HS, Narravula S, Schnittger S, Behre G, Hiddemann W, Tenen DG.
| 3 10, 2001

SPTLC1 is mutated in hereditary sensory neuropathy, type 1.

Nat. Genet.
Bejaoui K, Wu C, Scheffler MD, Haan G, Ashby P, Wu L, de Jong P, Brown RH.
| 3 10, 2001

Multigenic control of Listeria monocytogenes susceptibility in mice.

Nat. Genet.
Boyartchuk VL, Broman KW, Mosher RE, D'Orazio SE, Starnbach MN, Dietrich WF.
| 3 10, 2001

Localized Igf-1 transgene expression sustains hypertrophy and regeneration in senescent skeletal muscle.

Nat. Genet.
Musarò A, McCullagh K, Paul A, Houghton L, Dobrowolny G, Molinaro M, Barton ER, Sweeney HL, Rosenthal N.
| 2 15, 2001

MAML1, a human homologue of Drosophila mastermind, is a transcriptional co-activator for NOTCH receptors.

Nat. Genet.
Wu L, Aster JC, Blacklow SC, Lake R, Artavanis-Tsakonas S, Griffin JD.
| 12 2, 2000

Hypoglycaemia, liver necrosis and perinatal death in mice lacking all isoforms of phosphoinositide 3-kinase p85 alpha.

Nat. Genet.
Fruman DA, Mauvais-Jarvis F, Pollard DA, Yballe CM, Brazil D, Bronson RT, Kahn CR, Cantley LC.
| 11 4, 2000

A computational analysis of whole-genome expression data reveals chromosomal domains of gene expression.

Nat. Genet.
Cohen BA, Mitra RD, Hughes JD, Church GM.
| 10 4, 2000

Autosomal recessive lissencephaly with cerebellar hypoplasia is associated with human RELN mutations.

Nat. Genet.
Hong SE, Shugart YY, Huang DT, Shahwan SA, Grant PE, Hourihane JO, Martin ND, Walsh CA.
| 9 6, 2000

Telomere dysfunction impairs DNA repair and enhances sensitivity to ionizing radiation.

Nat. Genet.
Wong KK, Chang S, Weiler SR, Ganesan S, Chaudhuri J, Zhu C, Artandi SE, Rudolph KL, Gottlieb GJ, Chin L, Alt FW, DePinho RA.
| 9 6, 2000

A common polymorphism acts as an intragenic modifier of mutant p53 behaviour.

Nat. Genet.
Marin MC, Jost CA, Brooks LA, Irwin MS, O'Nions J, Tidy JA, James N, McGregor JM, Harwood CA, Yulug IG, Vousden KH, Allday MJ, Gusterson B, Ikawa S, Hinds PW, Crook T, Kaelin WG.
| 5 10, 2000

Msx2 deficiency in mice causes pleiotropic defects in bone growth and ectodermal organ formation.

Nat. Genet.
Satokata I, Ma L, Ohshima H, Bei M, Woo I, Nishizawa K, Maeda T, Takano Y, Uchiyama M, Heaney S, Peters H, Tang Z, Maxson R, Maas R.
| 3 31, 2000

Familial dyserythropoietic anaemia and thrombocytopenia due to an inherited mutation in GATA1.

Nat. Genet.
Nichols KE, Crispino JD, Poncz M, White JG, Orkin SH, Maris JM, Weiss MJ.
| 3 4, 2000

Mutations in ACTN4, encoding alpha-actinin-4, cause familial focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.

Nat. Genet.
Kaplan JM, Kim SH, North KN, Rennke H, Correia LA, Tong HQ, Mathis BJ, Rodríguez-Pérez JC, Allen PG, Beggs AH, Pollak MR.
| 3 4, 2000

Gene-target recognition among members of the myc superfamily and implications for oncogenesis.

Nat. Genet.
O'Hagan RC, Schreiber-Agus N, Chen K, David G, Engelman JA, Schwab R, Alland L, Thomson C, Ronning DR, Sacchettini JC, Meltzer P, DePinho RA.
| 2 2, 2000

Reversibility of acute B-cell leukaemia induced by BCR-ABL1.

Nat. Genet.
Huettner CS, Zhang P, Van Etten RA, Tenen DG.
| 12 30, 1999

Retinopathy and attenuated circadian entrainment in Crx-deficient mice.

Nat. Genet.
Furukawa T, Morrow EM, Li T, Davis FC, Cepko CL.
| 12 2, 1999

Mutations in NEUROD1 are associated with the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Nat. Genet.
Malecki MT, Jhala US, Antonellis A, Fields L, Doria A, Orban T, Saad M, Warram JH, Montminy M, Krolewski AS.
| 11 5, 1999

Haploinsufficiency of CBFA2 causes familial thrombocytopenia with propensity to develop acute myelogenous leukaemia.

Nat. Genet.
Song WJ, Sullivan MG, Legare RD, Hutchings S, Tan X, Kufrin D, Ratajczak J, Resende IC, Haworth C, Hock R, Loh M, Felix C, Roy DC, Busque L, Kurnit D, Willman C, Gewirtz AM, Speck NA, Bushweller JH, Li FP, Gardiner K, Poncz M, Maris JM, Gilliland DG.
| 10 3, 1999