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A time-driven activity-based costing model to improve health-care resource use in Mirebalais, Haiti.

Mandigo M, O'Neill K, Mistry B, Mundy B, Millien C, Nazaire Y, Damuse R, Pierre C, Mugunga JC, Gillies R, Lucien F, Bertrand K, Luo E, Costas A, Greenberg SL, Meara JG, Kaplan R.
| Apr 27, 2015

The struggle for equity: an examination of surgical services at two NGO hospitals in rural Haiti.

Matousek AC, Addington SR, Jean-Louis RR, Pierre JH, Fils J, Hoyler M, Matousek SB, Pyda J, Farmer PE, Riviello R.
| Apr 27, 2015

Geospatial mapping to estimate timely access to surgical care in nine low-income and middle-income countries.

Raykar NP, Bowder AN, Liu C, Vega M, Kim JH, Boye G, Greenberg SL, Riesel JN, Gillies RD, Meara JG, Roy N.
| Apr 27, 2015

A qualitative study exploring contextual challenges to surgical care provision in 21 LMICs.

Raykar NP, Yorlets RR, Liu C, Greenberg SL, Kotagal M, Goldman R, Roy N, Meara JG, Gillies RD.
| Apr 27, 2015

Projections to achieve minimum surgical rate threshold: an observational study.

Uribe-Leitz T, Esquivel MM, Molina G, Lipsitz SR, Verguet S, Rose J, Bickler SW, Gawande AA, Haynes AB, Weiser TG.
| Apr 27, 2015

Proposed minimum rates of surgery to support desirable health outcomes: an observational study based on four strategies.

Esquivel MM, Molina G, Uribe-Leitz T, Lipsitz SR, Rose J, Bickler SW, Gawande AA, Haynes AB, Weiser TG.
| Apr 27, 2015

Estimate of the global volume of surgery in 2012: an assessment supporting improved health outcomes.

Weiser TG, Haynes AB, Molina G, Lipsitz SR, Esquivel MM, Uribe-Leitz T, Fu R, Azad T, Chao TE, Berry WR, Gawande AA.
| Apr 27, 2015

Global surgery.

Gawande A.
| Aug 8, 2015

Hydrocephalus in children.

Kahle KT, Kulkarni AV, Limbrick DD, Warf BC.
| Aug 6, 2015

Postmenopausal breast cancer: a best endocrine strategy?

Mayer EL, Burstein HJ.
| Jul 23, 2015

Human and planetary health: towards a common language.

Demaio AR, Rockström J.
| Jul 15, 2015

Denosumab and teriparatide transitions in postmenopausal osteoporosis (the DATA-Switch study): extension of a randomised controlled trial.

Leder BZ, Tsai JN, Uihlein AV, Wallace PM, Lee H, Neer RM, Burnett-Bowie SM.
| Jul 2, 2015

ReEBOV Antigen Rapid Test kit for point-of-care and laboratory-based testing for Ebola virus disease: a field validation study.

Broadhurst MJ, Kelly JD, Miller A, Semper A, Bailey D, Groppelli E, Simpson A, Brooks T, Hula S, Nyoni W, Sankoh AB, Kanu S, Jalloh A, Ton Q, Sarchet N, George P, Perkins MD, Wonderly B, Murray M, Pollock NR.
| Aug 29, 2015

Current concepts in management of pain in children in the emergency department.

Krauss BS, Calligaris L, Green SM, Barbi E.
| Jun 18, 2015

Dual antiplatelet therapy duration and mortality - Authors' reply.

Yeh RW, Elmariah S, Doros G, Kereiakes DJ, Mauri L.
| May 30, 2015

African health leaders: claiming the future.

Binagwaho A, Crisp N.
| May 30, 2015

Women and Health: the key for sustainable development.

Langer A, Meleis A, Knaul FM, Atun R, Aran M, Arreola-Ornelas H, Bhutta ZA, Binagwaho A, Bonita R, Caglia JM, Claeson M, Davies J, Donnay FA, Gausman JM, Glickman C, Kearns AD, Kendall T, Lozano R, Seboni N, Sen G, Sindhu S, Temin M, Frenk J.
| Jun 4, 2015

Dabrafenib and trametinib versus dabrafenib and placebo for Val600 BRAF-mutant melanoma: a multicentre, double-blind, phase 3 randomised controlled trial.

Long GV, Stroyakovskiy D, Gogas H, Levchenko E, de Braud F, Larkin J, Garbe C, Jouary T, Hauschild A, Grob JJ, Chiarion-Sileni V, Lebbe C, Mandalà M, Millward M, Arance A, Bondarenko I, Haanen JB, Hansson J, Utikal J, Ferraresi V, Kovalenko N, Mohr P, Probachai V, Schadendorf D, Nathan P, Robert C, Ribas A, DeMarini DJ, Irani JG, Swann S, Legos JJ, Jin F, Mookerjee B, Flaherty K.
| Aug 1, 2015

Global health security: the wider lessons from the west African Ebola virus disease epidemic.

Heymann DL, Chen L, Takemi K, Fidler DP, Tappero JW, Thomas MJ, Kenyon TA, Frieden TR, Yach D, Nishtar S, Kalache A, Olliaro PL, Horby P, Torreele E, Gostin LO, Ndomondo-Sigonda M, Carpenter D, Rushton S, Lillywhite L, Devkota B, Koser K, Yates R, Dhillon RS, Rannan-Eliya RP.
| May 9, 2015