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Cullin-RING ubiquitin E3 ligase regulation by the COP9 signalosome.

Cavadini S, Fischer ES, Bunker RD, Potenza A, Lingaraju GM, Goldie KN, Mohamed WI, Faty M, Petzold G, Beckwith RE, Tichkule RB, Hassiepen U, Abdulrahman W, Pantelic RS, Matsumoto S, Sugasawa K, Stahlberg H, Thomä NH.
| Mar 31, 2016

Federal Research Regulations for the 21st Century.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Lo B, Barnes M.
| Mar 31, 2016

Mitochondrial ROS regulate thermogenic energy expenditure and sulfenylation of UCP1.

Chouchani ET, Kazak L, Jedrychowski MP, Lu GZ, Erickson BK, Szpyt J, Pierce KA, Laznik-Bogoslavski D, Vetrivelan R, Clish CB, Robinson AJ, Gygi SP, Spiegelman BM.
| Apr 7, 2016

Barriers in palliative care in China.

Hu K, Feng D.
| Mar 26, 2016

Changing oral vaccine to inactivated polio vaccine might increase mortality.

Fish EN, Flanagan KL, Furman D, Klein SL, Kollmann TR, Jeppesen DL, Levy O, Marchant A, Namachivayam S, Netea MG, Plebanski M, Rowland-Jones SL, Selin LK, Shann F, Whittle HC.
| Mar 12, 2016

Development and Validation of a Prediction Rule for Benefit and Harm of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Beyond 1 Year After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.

Yeh RW, Secemsky EA, Kereiakes DJ, Normand SL, Gershlick AH, Cohen DJ, Spertus JA, Steg PG, Cutlip DE, Rinaldi MJ, Camenzind E, Wijns W, Apruzzese PK, Song Y, Massaro JM, Mauri L, Kaplan A.
| Apr 26, 2016

Anatomy and function of an excitatory network in the visual cortex.

Lee WC, Bonin V, Reed M, Graham BJ, Hood G, Glattfelder K, Reid RC.
| Apr 21, 2016

Untangling the Web between Eye and Brain.

Chen C, Bickford ME, Hirsch JA.
| Mar 24, 2016

Lessons from a bridge generation.

Segal RA.
| Mar 25, 2016

Survey of variation in human transcription factors reveals prevalent DNA binding changes.

Barrera LA, Vedenko A, Kurland JV, Rogers JM, Gisselbrecht SS, Rossin EJ, Woodard J, Mariani L, Kock KH, Inukai S, Siggers T, Shokri L, Gordân R, Sahni N, Cotsapas C, Hao T, Yi S, Kellis M, Daly MJ, Vidal M, Hill DE, Bulyk ML.
| Mar 25, 2016

CANCER. The oncogene makes its escape.

Wala J, Beroukhim R.
| Mar 25, 2016

CASE RECORDS of the MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL. Case 9-2016. A 29-Year-Old Man with Dyspnea and Chest Pain.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Rosenfield K, Ghoshhajra BB, Dudzinski DM, Stone JR.
| Mar 24, 2016

Community Paramedicine--Addressing Questions as Programs Expand.

N. Engl. J. Med.
Iezzoni LI, Dorner SC, Ajayi T.
| Mar 24, 2016

Primary cilia are not calcium-responsive mechanosensors.

Delling M, Indzhykulian AA, Liu X, Li Y, Xie T, Corey DP, Clapham DE.
| Mar 31, 2016

Have Tobacco 21 Laws Come of Age?

N. Engl. J. Med.
Morain SR, Winickoff JP, Mello MM.
| Apr 28, 2016

Direction of information flow in large-scale resting-state networks is frequency-dependent.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Hillebrand A, Tewarie P, van Dellen E, Yu M, Carbo EW, Douw L, Gouw AA, van Straaten EC, Stam CJ.
| Mar 21, 2016

A specific area of olfactory cortex involved in stress hormone responses to predator odours.

Kondoh K, Lu Z, Ye X, Olson DP, Lowell BB, Buck LB.
| Apr 7, 2016