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August 5, 2013

The debate over appropriate treatment for dual carcinoma in situ, or DCIS, is part of an even bigger debate about what many specialists call the “overdiagnosis” of cancer, especially cancers of the breast, prostate and thyroid. Kevin Hughes, HMS associate professor of surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, is quoted.

August 3, 2013

Similar to the way geneticists have invented tests to predict cancer risk, a group of addiction scientists and industry consultants say they can use casino customer-tracking information to create computerized models that can spot and warn people with high risk profiles. Sarah Nelson, HMS assistant professor of psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance, is quoted.

August 2, 2013

The author writes about her fear of flying and her experience of meeting with a therapist, Luana Marques, HMS assistant professor of psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital.

August 2, 2013

Medicare will levy $227 million in fines against hospitals in every state but one for the second round of the government’s campaign to reduce the number of patients readmitted within a month, according to federal records released Friday. Research by Karen Joynt, HMS instructor in medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and instructor at HSPH, and Ashish Jha, HMS associate professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and professor of health policy and management at HSPH, is cited.

August 2, 2013

Prenatal disruptions such as maternal smoking or diet or chemical exposure may affect genes increasing the risk of disease later, U.S. researchers say. Karin Michels, HMS associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive biology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, led the study.

August 2, 2013

The federal government on Friday set a standard for gluten-free claims on food labels, a step that health officials said would help the three million Americans with celiac disease and bring uniformity to the $4 billion market for gluten-free products. Alessio Fasano, HMS visiting professor of pediatrics at Massachusetts General Hospital, is quoted.

August 1, 2013

The big news from the world of cancer research this week was about how we talk about cancer — how we define it, describe it, when a patient has some early evidence in the breast or prostate or lung. But it raises the question, even the complaint — never mind the semantics — where’s the cure? Edward Benz, the Richard and Susan Smith Professor of Medicine and president of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, was a guest on the show.

August 1, 2013

We're not quite at the stage where we can communicate brain to brain with our fellow humans, but we may be on our way to communicating with other species. Or at least controlling them, thanks to a new, non-invasive interface developed by scientists at HMS. Seung-Schik Yoo, HMS associate professor of radiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, led the team.



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