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November 1, 2013

The author wrote about his experience in a brain-stimulation session at Harvard’s Laboratory of Neuromodulation with J. León Morales-Quezada, HMS research fellow in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Felipe Fregni, HMS associate professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, is also quoted.

November 1, 2013

What is it about winning that feels so deliciously good? Why is New England in such a state of euphoria now? Rick Leskowitz, HMS clinical instructor in psychiatry at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, authored this article about happiness and why the Red Sox winning the World Series feels so good.

November 1, 2013

Researchers are piecing together the devilishly complex sets of genetic alterations underlying schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Jordan Smoller, HMS professor of psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, led a recent study.

November 1, 2013

The Scientist opened up its annual Salary Survey to its international readers for the first time, revealing stark differences between average pay in the U.S., Europe, and the rest of the world in the life sciences. Eric Campbell, HMS professor of medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, is quoted.

October 31, 2013

Bruce Chabner, HMS professor of medicine and Alice Shaw, HMS associate professor of medicine, both of Massachusetts General Hospital, are highlighted for their efforts to give a patient access to an experimental cancer drug.

October 31, 2013

Everyone knows what aging looks like. Wrinkles, high blood pressure, hair loss—those unmistakable signs of deterioration that accumulate as the years pass us by. But a genetics researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital would like to take a step back: do we really know what aging is? Research by Vadim Gladyshev, HMS professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, is cited.

October 31, 2013

A 20 percent tax on sugary drinks in the U.K. would cut the nation’s obesity rate by 1.3 percent, with the greatest benefit for people under 30, a study found. Jason Block, HMS assistant professor of population medicine, wrote an editorial accompanying the study.

October 30, 2013

Is male infertility partly a simple fluid mechanics problem? Utkan Demirci, HMS assistant professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Erkan Tuzel, a physicist from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, are collaborating to understand male infertility.



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