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June 21, 2015

Frederick P. Li, professor of medicine emeritus at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, who helped prove to a doubting medical establishment that heredity and genetics play a major role in some forms of cancer, died on June 12.

June 19, 2015

The homeless sometimes can’t, sometimes won’t get to mainstream hospitals, so for nearly two decades, Ernesto Gonzalez, professor of dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital, has taken his black bag to them at the Barbara McInnis House on Albany Street, where Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) runs a treatment center.

June 19, 2015

Wellness programs are getting a workout these days. Organizations are shifting the emphasis away from a preoccupation with blood pressure readings and body mass index scores to efforts that now address an employee’s emotional welfare, stress level and fulfillment on the job. Jeff Levin-Scherz, assistant professor of medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, is quoted.

June 19, 2015

Five undiagnosed patients are the focus of a documentary and new contest run by Boston Children’s Hospital. Aiming to advance the field of genomic medicine — using a patient’s gene information in the clinic — it offers a $25,000 prize to the research team that best solves the patients’ diagnostic mysteries. Isaac Kohane, chair of the Department of Biomedical Informatics and Lawrence J. Henderson Professor of Pediatrics at Boston Children's Hospital, is quoted.

June 18, 2015

Researchers in the United States say they have developed a vaccine that can protect against chlamydia – the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world. Ulrich von Andrian, Edward Mallinckrodt Jr. Professor of Immunopathology, is senior author of the research.

June 17, 2015

Neel Shah, assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive biology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, participated in a radio interview about giving birth at home, or in a midwife-led unit rather than in a hospital under the supervision of an obstetrician.

June 17, 2015

Doctors are now studying how detailed 3-D models of patients’ real anatomies can help reduce complications from surgery and treatment, and also improve patients’ ability to be their own best advocates. Beth Ripley, clinical fellow in radiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, is quoted. Michael Steigner, assistant professor of radiology at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Tatiana Kelil, clinical fellow in radiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, are mentioned.

June 17, 2015

Ophthalmologists look into your body in a way no other doctor can, giving them surprising insights into what's going on. Scott Greenstein, instructor in ophthalmology at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, is quoted. 



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