Before Your First Day

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Getting Up to Speed: Before Your First Day

Complete your HireRight pre-employment screening

All HMS new hires will go through a pre-employment screening process -- in most cases it is a simple identity verification. For certain positions a criminal background and/or credit check are also required. The recruiter in the Human Resources office that interviewed you will initiate this check with HireRight, the outside vendor that handles pre-employment screenings for HMS. At that point you will receive an email similar to the following:

From:  HireRight Customer Support []

Subject:  Harvard University-Medical School Background Verification for NAME

To assist in completing Harvard University-Medical School's background verification process, please go to the website address listed below and enter the login information.  Once you have logged in, please complete and submit the information forms.

Our objective is to complete this process quickly.  Please make every effort to accurately provide all of the requested information.  An associate from HireRight, our background verification partner, may contact you for additional information during the verification process.  Please return HireRight's call or e-mail promptly to ensure that a fast and accurate verification may be completed.  If you have any questions in completing the forms, please contact HireRight customer service at (866) 521-6995 between Sunday 5 p.m. to Friday 9 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Following the instructions on this email promptly will help to ensure that your new hire paperwork is processed as quickly as possible.

Complete your new hire paperwork

The HR coordinator will be in touch with you to set up a time for you to come in prior to your start date to complete necessary paperwork. Please try to be available for this important appointment; attending will help to ensure that you get up and running on HMS systems as soon as possible.

Plan your commute

You probably made your way to your new office during the interviewing process, but now that you'll be coming here regularly it's a good time to check to make sure you've found the best way to get here.

Maps, Directions, and Commuting Assistance - Main Campus

Parking at the Main Campus

You will not be able to get an official parking pass until you have your Harvard ID. For your first few days of work, if you are planning on getting a parking pass, with the approval of your department it is possible to get temporary access to parking until you receive your Harvard ID #.

Maps, Directions, and Commuting Assistance - Off Quad Office

Learn About the Area

An interactive map of the Longwood Medical Area showing the locations of banks, pharmacies, restaurants, and other amenities is available at:

Get ready for New Employee Orientation

At HMS, New Employee Orientation has two main components: a session in Cambridge that happens on Mondays from 9:00 a.m.- 12:30 p.m., and a session at Harvard Medical School that occurs bi-weekly from 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Both are mandatory; the HR coordinator will register you for these sessions and give you all the details. Make sure that your manager is apprised of your Cambridge orientation and HMS orientation date.

Talk with your manager

Communication is critical during this initial period. Make sure you know when, where, and to whom to report on your first day. If your scheduled start date changes from the one listed on your offer letter, please notify the HR coordinator immediately. Make sure that your manager is apprised of your Cambridge orientation and HMS orientation date.

Find out when you'll get your first paycheck

Most HMS administrative and support staff are paid on a biweekly schedule. Click here for a biweekly paycheck calendar for 2014. It is color coded; the squares marked "$" are the payday for the pay period of the same color.


Next: Within Your First Week

Performance Management Reminders

ePerformance is LIVE!  The best way to prepare for meaningful Assessment conversations in the spring is to invest in clear goal-setting now.  The deadline for completing FY15 Goals is September 30th.


Departments using the ePerformance Standard From can enter goals directly into PeopleSoft.


Departments using the ePerformance Summary and Exception Forms can capture goals on the "Planning/Goal Setting Form" found here.


ePerformance training and resource information can be found here.


For departments in the process of completing FY14 PPR Assessments, the deadline for completion/submission was August 31st.  While we have several departments with a 100% completion rate, the overall HMS completion rate for FY14 is hovering around 60%.  Please finalize and submit your completed FY14 PPR Assessment documents at your earliest convenience.


If you have questions about Performance Management, please contact Linda Miklas (2.7674; or Jennifer Galbraith Ryan (2.3501;