Leaves of Absence

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Benefits-eligible employees have a variety of options for Leaves of Absence (listed below).  Lynne Bimmler is the Leave of Absence Coordinator tor the Harvard Longwood Campus.  Please contact her with questions on any of the following:

  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • Family and Medical Leaves
  • Maternity Leaves
  • Parental Leaves
  • Paid and Unpaid Personal Leaves
  • Military Leaves
  • Workers Compensation/Accident Reports

Lynne Bimmler
office: 617-432-1024
fax: 617-432-3280

Performance Management Reminders

ePerformance is LIVE!  The best way to prepare for meaningful Assessment conversations in the spring is to invest in clear goal-setting now.  The deadline for completing FY15 Goals is September 30th.


Departments using the ePerformance Standard From can enter goals directly into PeopleSoft.


Departments using the ePerformance Summary and Exception Forms can capture goals on the "Planning/Goal Setting Form" found here.


ePerformance training and resource information can be found here.


For departments in the process of completing FY14 PPR Assessments, the deadline for completion/submission was August 31st.  While we have several departments with a 100% completion rate, the overall HMS completion rate for FY14 is hovering around 60%.  Please finalize and submit your completed FY14 PPR Assessment documents at your earliest convenience.


If you have questions about Performance Management, please contact Linda Miklas (2.7674; linda_miklas@hms.harvard.edu) or Jennifer Galbraith Ryan (2.3501; jennifer_ryan@hms.harvard.edu).