Ezekiel Hersey Council Members


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We would like to thank the following members of the Ezekiel Hersey Council.


Jordan J. Cohen, MD ’60

Class of 1936

Marlow B. Harrison, MD


Class of 1938

Burness E. Moore, MD


Class of 1939

William T. Carleton, MD
Daniel S. Ellis, MD

Lewis S. Rathbun, MD

Class of 1940

William A. Dafoe, MD
Nathaniel B. Kurnick, MD

Carl M. McCandless Jr., MD

Class of 1941

Walter C. Guralnick, DMD


Class of 1942

Theodore G. Erler Jr., MD
Richard W. Greene, MD





Class of 1944

William J. Goade Jr., MD


Class of 1945

E. Thomas Boles Jr., MD
John M. Carey, MD
John M. Erskine, MD
Sidney C. Jackson, MD

Laban W. Leiter, MD
Jack S. Parker, MD
Walter A. Wichern Jr., MD

Class of 1946

Arthur J. Ourieff, MD


Class of 1947

Anne E. & Nathaniel P.
  Brackett Jr., MD
Paul W. Dale, MD
Fred D. Fowler, MD
Ronald O. Germain, MD

Robert W. Hopkins, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Lasley
Dr. John J. Shea Jr.
Marvin H. Sleisenger, MD
Lloyd H. Smith Jr., MD

Class of 1948

James H. Austin, MD
James C. Fahl, MD

Frederick T. Hatch, MD

Class of 1949

Paul M. Brown, MD


Class of 1950

Renee L. Gelman, MD
Sheldon M. Levin, MD

Alexander R. Margulis, MD
Cyril E. Shea Jr., MD

Class of 1951

Robert G. Chapman, MD
Willard B. Fernald, MD
Ruth S. & Gerald S. Foster, MD
Michael A. Gravallese Jr., MD

Frederic C. McDuffie, MD
David W. Richardson, MD
Tor Richter, MD
George K. Summer, MD

Class of 1952

Harold L. Atkins, MD and
  Dr. Beverly Birns
David K. Clawson, MD
Richard R. Curtin, MD
James F. Donovan, MD

Robert P. Fornshell, MD
Roy R. Grinker, Jr., MD
Samuel L. Katz, MD
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Malcolm
Dan A. Martin, MD

Class of 1953

Frank V. Colombo, MD and
  Rita J. Colombo
Daniel D. Federman, MD

Mr. Charles M. Kinsolving Jr.
Drs. Julian I. and Deanna S. Kitay
Barbara M. Orski, MD

Class of 1954

William B. Carey, MD
Richard B. Cattell, MD
Gilbert R. Cherrick, MD

Dr. Nathan P. Couch
Ramon M. Greenberg, MD
Miles F. Shore, MD

Class of 1955

W. Gerald Austen, MD
Roman W. DeSanctis, MD
Howard J. Geist, MD
Frances F. Nakamura, MD
Dr. and Mrs. David G. Nathan
Gilbert R. Panzer, MD
Paul M. Prusky, MD

Mitchell T. Rabkin, MD
Dr. Robert H. and Mrs. Lois N.
Bruce J. Sams Jr., MD
Eleanor Shore, MD
Quentin R. Stiles, MD

Class of 1956

Mrs. Joel J. Alpert
Robert W. Chamberlin Jr., MD
Stanley S. Franklin, MD
Jack J. Greenberg, MD
John W. Grover, MD
Firmon E. Hardenbergh, MD
Joseph V. Messer, MD

Anthony P. Monaco Sr., MD
Mary L. Monaco
Richard S. O'Hara, MD
Richard L. Sogg, MD
E. Martin Spencer, MD
Claire M. Stiles, MD

Class of 1957

Thomas W. Adams, MD
Sidney Alexander, MD
Albert B. Crum, MD
Donald E. Dickerson, MD
Dan A. Ditmore, MD and
  Yolanda Ditmore
Daniel Deykin, MD
George J. Hill, MD
Edward S. Horton, MD
James J. McCusker, MD
Dr. Arthur S. and Mrs. Iris G. McFee
Daniel J. O'Connor Jr., MD

Robert H. Palmer, MD and
  Jessie K. Palmer
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Pierce
Howard S. Rubenstein, MD and
  Mrs. Judith S. Rubenstein
Philip R. Sullivan, MD
Donald W. Sutherland, MD
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Elizabeth
George M. Williams, MD
Anna K. Wolff, MD
Chin B. Yeoh, MD

Class of 1958

Howard E. Adkins, MD
Stanley P. Bohrer, MD
Donald E. Butterfield, MD
Calvin J. Collins, MD
John R. Edwards, MD
Gunes N. Ege, MD
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Elkins
Dr. Sheila H. Gray and
  Mr. Oscar S. Gray

B. Thomas Hutchinson, MD
Martin Kantor, MD
Allan Kliman, MD
Elliott V. Miller, MD
Anthony S. Patton, MD
Rodman D. Starke, MD

Class of 1959

Norman O. Aarestad, MD
Lynn L. Ault, MD
Dr. Robert S. Blacklow
Alan J. Friedman, MD
Paul Friedmann, MD
Ann M. Hirschhorn, MD
Dr. David Korn and
  Ms. Carol R. Scheman

Thomas R. Kuhns, MD
Roger V. Moseley, MD
Richard G. Sanderson, MD
Dr. Robert A. and
  Mrs. Stella S. Spangler
Peter V. Teal, MD

Class of 1960

Peter V. Barrett, MD
Dr. Jordan J. Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dobrow
John M. Eaton, MD
Diana V. Farnsworth, MD
Roland E. Houle, MD
Franklin E. Hull, MD
Rex Lindsay Jamison, MD and
  Dede L. Jamison

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Kingsbury, MD
Robert E. Kleiger, MD
Caro E. Luhrs, MD
Carl W. Norden, MD and Joyce
Warren M. Russell, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Sirgay Sanger
James C. Tankersley, MD
Richard J. Wurtman, MD

Class of 1961

Mayer B. Davidson, MD
Albert R. Frederick Jr., MD and Suzanne Frederick
Dr. and Mrs. A. Ronald Grimm
Randolph H. Guthrie Jr., MD
Newton E. Hyslop Jr., MD
Glenn Y. Lee, MD and Wendy H. Lee

Yeu-Tsu M. Lee, MD
David C. Lewis, MD
John N. Loeb, MD
Royce Moser Jr., MD
Ronald M. Weintraub, MD

Class of 1962

Howard R. Abel, MD
Richard B. Dobrow, MD
Harold F. Dvorak, MD
Ernest W. Franklin III, MD
James M. Hartsuck, MD and
  Dr. Jean A. Hartsuck
Charles R. Jorgensen, MD
Ellen S. & Andrew H. Kang, MD

Roger E. Meyer, MD
Richard M. Parker, MD
Frederick H. Sillman, MD
Eleanor Sorrentino, MD
Henry W. Vaillant, MD
Cathy Wilfert, MD
Lawrence S. Zivin, MD

Class of 1963

Irene F. Briggin, MD
Thomas D. Gelehrter, MD
John M. Griffin, MD
James P. Keating, MD
Henry T. Keutmann, MD
Robert T. Lewit, MD and Jane Lewit
Keith M. Lindgren, MD

Albert R. Martin, MD
J. Frederic Mushinski, MD 
David W. Preven, MD
Dr. Neil S. Shore
John Snyder, MD
Andrew L. Warshaw, MD



Class of 1964

Carolyn F. Aldredge, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Kindall Hurd Jr.
A.W. Karchmer, MD
Dr. Robert S. Lawrence and
 Mrs. Cynthia C. Lawrence

Gary H. Manchester, MD
Robert W. McCarley, MD
Georges Peter, MD
Dr. James H. Swarr
Dr. Lowell S. Young

Class of 1965

Dorothy A. Black, MD
Richard V. Cronk, MD
David A. McKay, MD
James A. Nelson, MD
Gilbert S. Omenn, MD

Eugene B. Rosenberg, MD 
Robert E. Stenson, MD and
  Jane Stenson
Stanley H. Wishner, MD

Class of 1966

Victor R. Hrehorovich, MD
Barbara J. McNeil, MD, PhD
Neil S. McNutt, MD 
Mark E. Oren, MD

Douglas D. Payne, MD 
Thomas A. Poole, MD
Ralph C. Sweetland, MD

Class of 1967

William Bernet, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Ellman
Mitchell H. Gail, MD
Charles R. Hayes, MD
Neil H. Joseph, MD 
Jesse L. Kahn, MD
Harry L. Knopf, MD
Roberta A. Monson, MD

Lawrence S. Phillips, MD and
  Carol Phillips
W. R. Pitts Jr., MD
Donald W. Putnoi, MD
Paul L. Weiden, MD and
  Beverly Linkletter
Gordon C. Weir, MD

Class of 1968

George A. Goldberg, MD
J. Kathleen Greenacre, MD
Edith R. McNutt, MD
Laird G. Patterson, MD

Dr. William P. Reed Jr. and
 Martine Billet Reed
William W. Southmayd, MD
John M. Templeton Jr., MD

Class of 1969

Bryan J. Arling, MD
Thomas C. Bettman, MD
Drs. Henry and Betty W. Chang

Curt R. Freed, MD
Sharon B. Murphy, MD

Class of 1970

Elissa B. Arons, MD
Roger M. Barkin, MD
George C. Fareed, MD

Drs. Alfred L. and Joan H. Goldberg
Robert S. Munford, MD

Class of 1971

Janet G. Hickman, MD

Robert E. Hickman, MD

Class of 1972

Ann M. Bajart, MD 
Drs. Robert and Sandra Hodge

Robert N. Nishimura, MD

Class of 1973

Thomas C. Campbell, MD
Howard L. Freedman, MD
Idella K. Hagen, MD 
Stephen P. Johnson, MD
Peter F. Lawrence, MD

Shirley F. Marks, MD 
Peter S. Ross, MD
William P. Thorpe, MD
Drs. Barry and Melinda Zitin

Class of 1974

Peter P. Bradley, MD
Kenneth W. Chin, MD

Stuart W. Lewis, MD
William C. Watters III, MD

Class of 1975

Gilbert W. Banks, MD
Thomas O. Stair, MD

David J. Zaleske, MD

Class of 1976

Ken W. Bollin, MD
Stephen M. Brooks, MD
Laurie H. Glimcher, MD

Paul D. Goldenheim, MD
Leonard B. Nelson, MD

Class of 1977

Michelle Copeland, DMD, MD

Stefan P. Kruszewski, MD

Class of 1978

Sandra Kopit Cohen, MD and
  Daniel I. A. Cohen, PhD 
William H. Frist, MD
Dr. Marlene R. Krauss

John V. Marraccini Jr., MD
Dr. Katherine A. Murray-Leisure
Walter R. Weiss, MD

Class of 1979

Gary W. Greer, MD


Class of 1981

Cathy A. Burnweit, MD and
  Mr. Eric Aserlind

Margo A. Denke, MD
S.J. Kapnick, MD

Class of 1982

Cynthia Reyes-Ferral, MD


Class of 1983

Peter G. Cordeiro, MD


Class of 1984

Michael A. Chang, MD

Reed H. Day, MD

Class of 1985

Clifford M. Gall, MD
Albert B. Knapp, MD

Ginat W. Mirowski, MD
Stephen F. Wintermeyer, MD

Class of 1986

Mark S. Hughes, MD 
Plas T. James, MD

Mark S. McMahon, MD

Class of 1987

R. Brandon Fradd, MD


Class of 1988

David G. Disler, MD

Katayoun F. Meyer, MD

Class of 1989

Atoosa P. Mamdani, MD

Andrew E. Sloan, MD

Class of 1990

James S. Allan IV, MD

Edmund Marroquin Jr., MD

Class of 1993

Douglas H. L. Chin, MD


Class of 1997

Erika Gantt, MD
Jasmine Gorton, DMD

Edward O. O'Brien, MD

Class of 1999

Stephen A. Kahn, MD and
  Elizabeth H. Kahn

R. J. Tannyhill III, MD

Class of 2000

Ronald M. Yang, MD


Class of 2001

Lily K. Lin, MD

Rajiv K. Sethi, MD


Nile L. Albright, MD and
  Mrs. Lee Lawrence Albright
William H. Altman
Allan H. Applestein, JD
Ms. Loreen Arbus
Dr. Ronald A. Arky
Mark E. Augustine
Nelson K. Aweh
Thomas H. Baer
Mrs. Lawrence P. Baker
Majda Barazzutti
Ms. Susan Dreyfuss Bartholomew
Joan T. Batchelor
Glee Becker
Mrs. Keewatin Berg
Arthur W. Berger, PhD
Nazir A. Bhagat
Frederick R. Bieber, PhD
Deborah Dilworth Bishop
Janet E. Bloom
Julie Brenizer
H. Franklin Bunn, MD
Margaret Burke, PhD
Richard Buxbaum
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Buxbaum
Turner E. Bynum, MD
Mavis C. Campbell
Stephanie L. Campbell
Philip E. and Sally Carlin
George W. Chang, PhD and
 Ms. Abigail Marsha Jang
John T. Chirban, PhD
Johanna L. Chisholm
Mrs. Margaret J. Clowes
Bruce J. Cohen, PhD
Linda W. Cohen
John and Ethel Cole
Armand G. Conant
Sally Cornish
Mrs. John M. Craig
Eugene and Marian Dagg
D. Ronald Daniel
Barry A. Davidson, MD
Linda M. Davidson
Mr. William Derwin
Ms. Ann Derwin
Alvin L. Donoho, PhD and
  Mrs. Betty Lou Donoho
Ms. Beth Edwards
Nadine Einhorn
Nancy Elliott
Susan A. Elliott
Mrs. Richard P. Emerson
Ms. Dorothy Wysocki Errera
Dr. B. Eshbaugh
Roberta E. Faloon
Mrs. Seymour M. Farber
Peter C. Farrell, PhD
Indro Fedrigo
Mrs. Ruth P. Fields
James J. Fitzpatrick Jr.
Ruth Franklin
Amanda B. Freeman, MD
Lori Friedman
Robert P. Fuller
Vincent Gagliardi
Charlotte German 
Mariam Ghavamian, MD
Eleanor Morrison Goldthwait
Ms. Cheryl Opacinch Gorelick
Susan E. Graves
Mrs. Edward B. Gray Jr.
Mrs. Rachel Davis Gray
William C. Greene
Betty L. Gross
Mrs. Robert Burns Gunn
Martha S. Hallman
Philip Halon
James L. Halperin
Helen Hardacre
Jane W. Hawley
Tessa Hedley-Whyte, MD
John Hedley-Whyte, MD
Su-Ling and Eva H. K. Hsu
Robert C. Hunter
Dr. Harris Hyman III
Stuart Alan Jackson
William Vernon Jackson, PhD
Stephen J. Jelin
Paul T. Johnston
Susan C. Julian
Richard Kahn
Laura Kampel
Amalie M. Kass
Martha Donelson Katz
Mrs. Shan Kaye
Garnet and Jeannine Keefer
Alice M. Kells
Janet H. Kelly
Roman Kent
Ghahreman Khodadad, MD


Tejvir S. Khurana, MD
Lionel Kinney
Vilma Kinney
Mrs. Arthur Kravitz
Dr. Ruth B. Kundsin
Grant La Farge, MD
Mrs. Joan Summers Lader
Dorothy J. Landing
Ms. Georgia F. Larson
Maurice F. Lesses
Merle Levy
Ann M. Lewicki, MD
Elaine O. Lewis
Ms. Marilyn C. Link
Mrs. George R. Livermore Jr.
Ms. Anne London
Edward Lowenstein
Mrs. Irene Luria
Clifton A. Lyons Jr.
Geraldine Malt
Bob Mahrenholz
Melba Mahrenholz
Lisa D. Mayer
Larry P. Mayola
Odette McMurrey
Martin C. Mihm Jr., MD
Col. J. Chris & Mrs. Shirley Miller
Joan L. Minot
Gwynne R. Moffitt
Mr. Frederick Montanye
  and Joan Montanye
Stephen C. Mott
Mrs. Virginia "Bobby" L. Murray
Drs. Carolyn and Eli H. Newberger
Pat Nicolette
Elizabeth D. Nunemaker
Lois P. Oliver, MD
Chong M. Park, MD
Leslie and Melvin Partovich
Dr. John Donald Patrick and
 Ms. Sharon A. Britton
Mr. Martin H. Peters
Mrs. Irene Pollin
Miss Nancy U. Potter
Ruth H. Powell
Lorentz Preysz
Nancy T. Price
George J. Rabstejnek Jr.
Mrs. Jennifer B. Radford
Dr. Michele Rampa
Lynne M. Reid, MD
Elizabeth C. Reyer
Ms. Janet Richards
William E. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Rogers
Vance C. Roy, MD
Ms. Beverly B. Rutstein
Nancy Salzman
Delia Sang, MD
Ram Sasisekharan
John J. Schilling
Jolyon D. Schilling, MD
Paul R. Schloerb, MD
Eileen C. Shapiro
Ms. Nancy R. Shapiro
Jack Sisson
Mrs. Harold C. Spear
Linda W. Standridge
Thomas G. Stemberg
Jean H. Stewart
Marvin A. Stolberg
Ms. Margaret Stone
Drs. Herman D. and Joan C. Suit
Sumeth Sukapanpotharam
Michael J. Sullivan, MD
Dolores Swann
Mrs. William H. Sweet
William M. Taylor
Marilyn L. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Treidler
Margaret M. Tse
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Turnbull
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ullian
Dr. Naum Vaisman
Barbara Dublin Van Cleve
Dr. Richard Van Praagh
Joan Brooks Walker, MD
Mrs. Kathleen Kinmonth Warren
Virginia Guild Watkin
Mrs. Catherine Webster
Mary T. Welland, MD
Dr. and Ms. Michael and
  Irene Wiedman
William and Elizabeth Wise
Joshua W. Wood
Geraldine W. Zetzel
Dorothy S. Zinberg, MD
Mrs. Elizabeth Zukoski



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