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Throughout the year, many individuals advance the work of Harvard Medical School by making gifts in memory or in honor of of revered faculty, classmates, family, and friends. This list acknowledges individuals for whom gifts were made in their name in fiscal year 2013 (July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013).

In Honor Of

S. James Adelstein, MD ’53
Jennifer L. Bennet
Eliot L. Berson, MD ’62
Rami Burstein
Carrie Cottingham
Deborah B. Doroshow, MD ’13
Daniel D. Federman, MD ’53
James B. Field, MD ’51
Philip L. Goldsmith, MD ’67
Laurie R. Green, MD ’76
Kathryn Hammond Baker
Julie A. Joyal Mowschenson
Adolf W. Karchmer, MD ’64
Krista M. Knight
Jean Krintzman
Debbie Magowan
Peter Magowan
Hildegarde E. Mahoney
Clyde McAuley

Rose McCabe
Barbara J. McNeil, MD ’66, PhD ’72
Robert C. Moellering Jr., MD ’62
Rebecca Neal
Ellin C. O’Brien
Nancy E. Oriol, MD ’79
Laurence E. Paul, MD ’90
Simon Perry
Stuart H. Quan, MD ’45
Joan Y. Reede, MD
Adam J. Rosenberg
Jill D. Rosenberg
Paul S. Russell, MD
Pedro G. Sanchez
Karen Shumaker
Robert M. Stafford
Ross H. Wakai, MD ’94
Nathaniel C. Webb Jr., MD ’54
Augustus A. White III


In Memory Of

John Adams Jr., MD ’29
Mary D. Adams
Carlton M. Akins, MD ’66
Andrew J. Alameno
Read E. Albright
Eben Alexander Jr., MD ’39
Lillian Ambrosino
Edith Appel
Samuel Appel
George Ashley
Richard E. Austin Jr., MD ’88
David Axelrod, MD ’60
Lawrence P. Baker, MD ’56
Hugh R. Barber, MD
A. Clifford Barger, MD ’43
Robert P. Beasley, MD ’62
Timothy F. Beckett Jr., MD ’74
Wallace C. Bedell, MD ’44
Amanda J. Berger
Alexander Blum Jr., MD ’47
Kenneth D. Borg, MD
Addison G. Brenizer Jr., MD ’40
Francis G. Brigham, MD ’09
James R. Burnett
Edmund B. Cabot, MD ’72
Guy D. Campbell, MD ’49
Samuel W. Casscells III, MD ’79
Mary D. Celata
Jerrold S. Chaleff
Florence Chang
Walter J. Charow
Shao M. Chen
Yung C. Chen, PhD
Edward D. Churchill, MD ’20
David W. Cloos, MD ’69
Benjamin Cohen, MD
Albert H. Coons, MD ’37
Jeannette H. Corwin, MD ’58
Benjamin G. Covino
Michael Crofoot, MD ’37
David Dappolonia
Bernard D. Davis, MD ’40
Adele Debbie
Ruth O. Delaney
Steven L. Denlinger, MD ’88
Richard K. Desser, MD ’67
Prentiss M. Dettman, MD ’58
Dale M. Dreyfuss
Glenn M. Dykes
Angelo J. Eraklis, MD ’58
Albert J. Erdmann III, MD ’67
James J. Feeney, MD ’52
Jordan B. Fieldman, MD ’95
Bernard N. Fields, MD
C. Miller Fisher
M. Judah Folkman, MD ’57
James R. Forbes, MD ’88
A. Stone Freedberg, MD
Bernard German, MD ’40
Carmen R. Goldings, MD ’54
Herbert J. Goldings, MD ’54
Phillips D. Hallowell, MD ’44
Frederick L. Haupert, MD ’88
Joseph L. Henry
Lawrence E. Hinkle Jr., MD ’42
Erwin O. Hirsch, MD ’46
James F. Holloran Jr., MD ’68
Richard E. Hughes, MD ’53
Ahamindra Jain, PhD
Bemy E. Jelin, MD ’91
Farish A. Jenkins Jr.

William R. Jewett, MD ’73
Alun G. Jones, PhD
Chester M. Jones, MD ’19
Marshall M. Kaplan, MD ’60
William S. Karlen, MD ’51
Jay H. Katz, MD ’53
Marie P. Kay
Lawrence M. Keeler
Lawrence M. Keeler
Elaine Kent
George Khoury, MD ’70
Abraham Krintzman
Katherine J. Kurnick
Roger F. Lange, MD ’69
Polly A. Levee
Frederick H. Levine, MD ’68
Allan H. Levy, MD ’53
Joanne E. Levy, MD ’88
Spencer B. Lewis, MD ’73
Jack G. Livingston, MD ’68
Seymour B. London, MD ’40
Paul A. Lozano
John N. Lukens Jr., MD ’58
Sidney B. Luria, MD ’43
David A. Magidson
Tom Marcosson
Ruthann T. McAuley
Warren K. Muldrow
Joseph E. Murray, MD ’43
Harold C. Newcomb
Sally G. Nies
Francis J. O’Brien Sr.
Thomas O’ Laughin
John L. Oncley
Jay D. Ostrow, MD ’54
William A. Parshall, MD ’55
George W. Perry
Thomas W. Perry
John A. Peters, MD ’54
J. Bion Philipson, MD ’63
William R. Pitts, MD ’33
John W. Raker, MD ’41
Elizabeth W. Richter
Bruce A. Rogal
Phyllis J. Rogal
Barbara S. Rosenberg
John Rosenberg
Arthur Sicular, MD ’53
Robert C. Siegel, MD ’66
David F. Silbert, MD ’62
Ruthanne B. Simmons, MD ’87
Warden B. Sisson, MD ’63
Edmund H. Sonnenblick, MD ’58
Paula Stetson Allard
David B. Stidham, MD ’93
Steven R. Strong, MD ’66
Thomas G. Thurston II, MD ’41
Cecil Todes
Robert L. Trelstad, MD ’65
Albert S. Tu, MD ’93
George L. Tully III, MD ’73
William R. Veatch
Lillian S. Veno
Donald M. Watkin, MD ’46
Andrew G. Webster II, MD ’40
Bernard Wiesman
W. Lawrence Wilde, MD ’58
Virginia Wimberly
Donald N. Wysham, MD ’53
Hayward W. Young, MD ’88
Clarence E. Zimmerman II, MD ’61


To our alumni, friends, and supporters
We make every attempt to correctly record and acknowledge your gift to Harvard Medical School. These lists includes gifts and pledges received in fiscal year 2013 (July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013). Please alert us to any errors by contacting Matthew Durno, senior director of donor relations, at (617) 384-8634 or by email at