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Throughout the year, many individuals advance the work of Harvard Medical School by making gifts in memory or in honor of of revered faculty, classmates, family, and friends. This list acknowledges individuals for whom gifts were made in their name in fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014).

In Honor Of

Patricia C. Adams, MD ’68
Lloyd M. Aiello
Lloyd P. Aiello
Mark W. Albers, MD ’91
Tenley E. Albright, MD ’61
Ronald A. Arky
Khin-Kyemon Aung
Eliot L. Berson, MD ’62
Marta Bin
David Burstein
Rami Burstein
Maria C. Castells
Philip Chaleff
Mary Dague
Paul J. Davis, MD ’63
George W. Dec Jr.
Robert B. Donoff, MD ’73
Marion Dumais
Robert H. Dumais
Daniel D. Federman, MD ’53
Gerald S. Foster, MD ’51
Sara L. Goren
Laurie R. Green, MD ’76
Michael E. Greenberg

Walter C. Guralnick
Barbara B. Hauser
Julie A. Joyal
Beth Y. Karlan, MD ’82
Mark A. Kelley, MD ’73
Matthew H. Liang, MD ’69
Clyde McAuley
Barbara J. McNeil, MD ’66, PhD ’72
Nikhil Mehandru
Rebecca Neal
Nancy E. Oriol, MD ’79
Judith S. Palfrey
Nancy Q. Petersmeyer, MD ’80
Renee Riedel-Plummer
R. Saltman
Richard B. Salzer
Lynne Seacord
Elinor A. Seevak
Hannah L. Semigran
Priscilla J. Slanetz, MD ’90
Jorie E. Sullivan
Gordon C. Vineyard, MD ’63
Ross H. Wakai, MD ’94
Augustus A. White III


In Memory Of

John Adams Jr., MD ’29
Alan C. Aisenberg, MD ’50
Andrew J. Alameno
Joel Alprot
Lillian Ambrosino
Constance B. Amick
George Ashley
David Axelrod, MD ’60
Lawrence P. Baker, MD ’56
A. Clifford Barger, MD ’43
Timothy F. Beckett Jr., MD ’74
William P. Beetham, MD ’26
Amanda J. Berger
Robin D. Berlin
Jack Berv
Maxine Berv
Robert H. Bradley Jr., MD ’40
Francis G. Brigham, MD ’09
John K. Bunker
Edmund B. Cabot, MD ’72
Samuel Cameron
Guy D. Campbell, MD ’49
Charles B. Carpenter, MD ’58
Jerrold S. Chaleff
Florence Chang
Walter J. Charow
David W. Cloos, MD ’69
Albert H. Coons, MD ’37
Anne W. Couch
Michael Crofoot, MD ’37
Dora G. Dandreta
David J. D’Appolonia
Bernard D. Davis, MD ’40
Richard K. Desser, MD ’67
Andrew K. Diehl, MD ’72
Charles J. Epstein, MD ’59
Angelo J. Eraklis, MD ’58
Albert J. Erdmann III, MD ’67
Barbara R. Evans
Edward R. Evans, MD ’38
Franklin T. Evans, MD ’54
James M. Faulkner, MD ’24
James J. Feeney, MD ’52
Bernard N. Fields
M. Judah Folkman, MD ’57
Harriet S. Fox
Ralph M. Fox, MD ’42
W. Harvey Frazier, MD ’43
David L. Freeman, MD ’69
Rowland B. French, MD ’43
Bernard German, MD ’40
Hilda K. Gilbert
Frederick C. Goetz, MD ’46
Carmen R. Goldings, MD ’54
Herbert J. Goldings, MD ’54
John T. Gorman Jr.
Charles A. Gray
Phillips D. Hallowell, MD ’44
Stuart T. Hauser
Philip S. Hobel
Esther L. Holmes
Sarah E. Howell, MD ’59
Richard E. Hughes, MD ’53
Bemy E. Jelin, MD ’91
Farish A. Jenkins Jr.
William R. Jewett, MD ’73
Alun G. Jones

Chester M. Jones, MD ’19
Robert H. Jones, MD ’54
William S. Karlen, MD ’51
Ann R. Karnovsky
Jay H. Katz, MD ’53
Marie P. Kay
Augusta Keeler
Lawrence M. Keeler
George Khoury, MD ’70
Bernard Kliman, MD ’55
C. Kevin Landry
Steve Lawrence
Herbert T. Leighton, MD ’38
Polly A. Levee
Allan H. Levy, MD ’53
Stephen J. Lipson, MD ’72
Esther T. Liu
Jack G. Livingston, MD ’68
John N. Lukens Jr., MD ’58
Sidney B. Luria, MD ’43
David A. Magidson
Beverly A. Martin
Bucknam McPeek, MD ’59
Gaffar Mohammed
Gertrude E. Murray, MD ’54
Jay D. Ostrow, MD ’54
George W. Perry
J. Bion Philipson, MD ’63
Elizabeth W. Richter
Frederick L. Rodkey, PhD ’48
Faina V. Rose
Barbara S. Rosenberg
Charles S. Rosenberg
John Rosenberg
Eileen K. Rosson
Harold Rubin
Raul Rubio
David D. Rutstein, MD ’34
Nancy Siang-Ming Sang
Paul C. Schnitker, MD ’67
Melvin R. Seiden
Marlon Sellers
Wallace M. Sheridan, MD ’35
Edmund H. Sonnenblick, MD ’58
Ruth D. Soule
Harold C. Spear, MD ’47
Mitchell W. Spellman
Louise Y. St. John
Samuel W. Stein, MD ’54
Morton N. Swartz, MD ’47
William H. Sweet, MD ’36
Tom K. Taira, MD ’56
Jesse E. Thompson, MD ’43
Thomas G. Thurston II, MD ’41
Cecil Todes
Robert L. Trelstad, MD ’65
James C. Tucker, MD ’54
Donald M. Watkin, MD ’46
Herbert S. Waxman, MD ’62
Nathaniel C. Webb Jr., MD ’54
Andrew G. Webster II, MD ’40
Charles Whitcomb
Bernard Wiesman
W. Lawrence Wilde, MD ’58
Virginia Wimberly
Hayward W. Young, MD ’88

To our alumni, friends, and supporters
We make every attempt to correctly record and acknowledge your gift to Harvard Medical School. These lists includes gifts and pledges received in fiscal year 2014 (July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014). Please alert us to any errors by contacting Matthew Durno, senior director of donor relations, at (617) 384-8634 or by email at