9.06 Reproductive Health

Medical Education

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9.06 Reproductive Health

Harvard Medical School is committed to providing as safe an environment as possible for all students. Students with specific concerns about reproductive health may wish to contact the Safety Officer in the hospital to which they are currently assigned.

Additionally, if a student will be working with or around radioactive materials, Harvard’s Radiation Protection Office (46 Blackstone St., Cambridge, 617-496-3797 or 24-hour emergency number, 617-495-5560) can provide confidential consultation and can enroll the student in the declared pregnant program.

For information about the reproductive risks of working with biological, chemical, and physical agents other than radiation in laboratory and/or clinical settings, the Associate Director of Laboratory Safety Programs, under the University’s safety office, is also available at 617-496-4746 for individual consultation with any interested male or female student. Information is also available from the Harvard Environmental Health and Safety website or by calling 617-432-1720 for HMS, or 617-432-2762 M – F or 617-432-1901 during non-business hours for Dana Farber and the Brigham.

Medical students involved in clinical rotations who wish to pump breast milk should contact the lactation consultant at the hospital to which they are assigned. Following are hospital-based consultants as of June 2015:

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: 617-667-5765

Call and ask for a callback from the lactation consultant on duty that day.

  • Brigham & Women’s Hospital: 617-726-6976
  • Children’s Hospital Boston: 617-355-0005

Leave a voice mail message if no one answers.

  • Massachusetts General Hospital: 617-726-6976
  • Cambridge Hospital: 617-665-1193

Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine have private and comfortable Breastfeeding Rooms in the Longwood area. The rooms are equipped with Medela “Lactina Select” pumps. These rooms are also equipped to provide information about using the pumps, where to purchase necessary personal accessories, books and pamphlets about breastfeeding, and contact numbers for professional lactation consultants who can provide problem solving and education.

Breastfeeding rooms (Mother’s Rooms) are located at:

  • TMEC (HMS), Room 444, 260 Longwood Avenue, HMS
  • Kresge Building (HSPH), Ground Level Women’s Lounge, Room G11A, HSPH, 677 Huntington Avenue
  • Harvard Institutes of Medicine HMS), Room 1C4, 4 Blackfan Circle
  • New Research Building (HMS), Department of Genetics, Room 229, 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
  • Armenise Building, (HMS),  Room 130, 210 Longwood Avenue
  • Research & Education Building (HSDM), Room 113,  190 Longwood Avenue
  • Landmark Center (HSPH/HMS), Room 043A, 3rd Floor East, 401 Park Drive
  • FXB Building (HSPH), Room G01, 651 Huntington Avenue
  • HSPH, 3rd Floor, 90 Smith Street
  • Dept. of Global Health and Social Medicine (HMS), Room 104, 641 Huntington Avenue
  • Gordon Hall (HMS), Room G002, 25 Shattuck Street

Please see www.hms.harvard.edu/humanresources/worklife-harvard-longwood/mothers-rooms for more detailed information.


Last updated on 8/5/15