6.03 Students Withdrawing Mid-Term

Medical Education

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6.03 Students Withdrawing Mid-Term

Registered students who withdraw formally or are withdrawn, or who take a Leave of Absence from the Medical School after the dates listed below are ordinarily charged tuition according to the following Tuition and Fee Adjustment Calendar:

Fall (on or before):

September 15:                                   one-fourth tuition for the term
October 15:                                       one-half
November 15:                                   three-fourths
after November 15:                           full tuition

Spring (on or before):

February 15:                                     one-fourth tuition for the term
March 15:                                         one-half
April 15:                                           three-fourths
after April 15                                   full tuition


An administrative committee will be convened to answer written appeals to this policy.

Refund Policy

If a student who is receiving any form of financial aid withdraws and is entitled to a refund, a portion of that refund may be returned. If the student’s award package included any federal funds other than Federal Work-Study and the withdrawal occurs in the first 60% of the semester, federal regulations require that a portion of the students federal aid be returned to the aid programs. For more information, please review the Refund Policy in the HMS Financial Aid Guidebook, available in the Publications section of the HMS Financial Aid Office website: http://www.hms.harvard.edu/finaid.


Last updated on 6/22/15