4.02 The HMS Promotion and Review Board (PRB)

Office of the Registrar

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4.02 The HMS Promotion and Review Board (PRB)

The HMS Promotion and Review Board (PRB) is a Standing Committee of the HMS faculty. The Board reviews student performance to ensure that each HMS student meets HMS's rules governing promotion, standards of professional conduct and responsibility, and requirements for graduation. PRB members are appointed by the Dean for Medical Education and include basic science and clinical faculty who have demonstrated interest and involvement in medical student education. Ex officio members include the Dean for Medical Education, the Dean for Students, the Society Masters or Associate Masters (one representative from each Society), and the Registrar. Voting is limited to appointed members; ex officio members do not vote. University legal counsel and HMS Advising Resources faculty may also consult to the Board.

The PRB considers all difficulties that arise with student performance and/or conduct within the broader context of the Medical School’s responsibility to society. Specifically, the Medical School is obligated to provide society with intellectually, emotionally, socially, and morally mature physicians who are prepared to serve society by caring for others. This obligation requires the PRB to view all difficulties that arise with student performance and/or conduct as developmental steps on the way to professional maturity. Mechanisms that are employed to remediate difficulties and foster development include, but are not limited to, mentoring, counseling and/or tutoring; allowing time for reflection; requesting written documents; and providing opportunities for demonstration of improvement in performance and/or conduct. A variety of mechanisms, including requiring a leave of absence and various other sanctions, may be employed by the Board to facilitate the process of professional development.

In cases where academic remediation has been unsuccessful or the Board determines that no further action on the part of the School or the student can reasonably assure the student’s eventual successful completion of the MD degree program, the Board may require a student to withdraw or recommend expulsion.



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