4. Student Conduct and Responsibility

Office of the Registrar

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4. Student Conduct and Responsibility

4.00 Preamble

The profession of medicine is founded on the highest standards of conduct. In admitting a student to Harvard Medical School, we believe the student already to have demonstrated that her/his behavior in person—both on campus and off—and in her/his electronic presence reflects the maturity and civility that are the necessary underpinnings of the profession. After a student is admitted, enrollment remains contingent on a continuation of this high standard of conduct.

4.01 Responsibilities of Teachers and Learners

4.02 The HMS Promotion and Review Board

4.03 Promotion and Review Board and Student Disciplinary Actions

4.04 Appellate Review

4.05 General Principles for Consideration of Student Performance and Conduct

4:06 Falsification of Admissions Application

4.07 Procedures for Consideration of Academic Performance

4.08 Procedures for Consideration of Unprofessional Conduct

4.09 Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism

4.10 Violation of Examination Rules

4.11 Submission of Written Work

4.12 Submission of the Same Work to More than One Course

4.13 Library Policies

4.14 Conflict of Interest

4.15 Policies Regarding Drugs and Alcohol

4.16 Policies Regarding Hazing

4.17 Financial Aid Fraud

4.18 Patient Confidentiality and HIPPA



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