3.13 Gilbert Medical Simulation Center

Office of the Registrar

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3.13 Gilbert Medical Simulation Center

The Gilbert Medical Simulation Center is housed in the new Clinical Skills Center at HMS, located on the first floor of the Tosteson Medical Education Center, which opens in September 2013. The 7,500 square-foot Clinical Skills Center will include eighteen exam rooms; three orientation rooms (one for patients, one for students, one for faculty); a small meeting room; a central control room; and a “touchdown” office for faculty. In addition to standard components (sink, exam table, etc.), each exam room will be equipped with central video monitoring and exam scoring technology and an observation booth/workstation. Ten of the exam rooms will have movable walls to allow conversion to five larger rooms that will accommodate wireless simulation mannequins. These expandable rooms will replace the five simulation rooms that were included in the space before the renovation, yielding the potential for seven simulation rooms on the HMS campus (including new classrooms TMEC 104 and 130; see Section 3.12).

The Center will provide a facility for teaching and assessing clinical skills, development of faculty teaching skills in clinical environments, and simulated environments for students to learn about the management of acutely ill patients. Clinical examination rooms will be used for both teaching of clinical skills in the Patient-Doctor courses and evaluation of students in Objective Structured Clinical Examinations [OSCEs]. Videotaping capabilities in these rooms will enable faculty to review student-patient interactions with students and provide feedback. A clinical skills lab, now located on the 4th floor of TMEC, will be relocated to the Clinical Skills Center. The three classrooms range from 350-500 square feet and can be used for multiple purposes when not in use for clinical skills classes or exams.




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