3.06 The Council of Academic Societies

Medical Education

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3.06 The Council of Academic Societies

The Council of Academic Societies (CAS) is a committee composed of the Academic Society Advisory Dean/Directors and Associate Directors and representatives of the Offices of Student Affairs, Registrar, Financial Aid and Advising Resources, as well as ex officio members of the Program in Medical Education leadership. The CAS reviews and approves changes in student status and academic plans, including changes in status from a four-year to a five-year MD program, leaves of absence, and study in another degree program, and discusses policies and administrative practices as they pertain to students. In addition, the CAS also considers student petitions to interrupt the MD sequence prior to the PCE for a year of research or scholarship. To request a change in status, students should contact their Academic Society and meet with their Society Advisory Dean/Director or Associate Director, who will present the request to the CAS for consideration.

See also: Sections 1.05 and 1.06: Five-Year MD Programs; 2.08: Policy on Length of Time to Complete Degree; 2.09: Leaves of Absence; 2.18: Curriculum Continuity; and Section 5: Combined Degree Programs.

The Council of Academic Societies replaces the Council on Student Affairs, effective AY16.


Last updated on 3/7/16