3.05 Office of Recruitment and Multicultural Affairs

Medical Education

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3.05 Office of Recruitment and Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Recruitment and Multicultural Affairs (ORMA), located in TMEC 244 with the Office of Student Affairs, is responsible for recruiting and providing supportive services to students who are economically disadvantaged and/or from groups underrepresented in medicine and dentistry. ORMA also serves as a resource for the LGBT student community. ORMA co-sponsors the Poussaint Primary Care Scholars Pre-Matriculation Summer Program, a 7-week summer program that exposes incoming underrepresented students to clinical and research opportunities in primary care medicine and life at HMS and HSDM.  ORMA also supports student activities. The Faculty Associate Dean for Student Affairs, the Faculty Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and the staff of ORMA are available to students for personal as well as academic counseling.

ORMA also coordinates monthly meetings of the Inter-Society Multicultural Fellows Committee (MCFC). The MCFC is a group of faculty and students from the Academic Societies charged with  promoting diversity initiatives and awareness in the HMS medical community.

Office of Recruitment and Multicultural Affairs

TMEC 244
Phone: 617.432.1572
Fax: 617.432.3912




Our Mission

To create and nurture a diverse community of the best people committed to leadership in alleviating human suffering caused by disease