3.01 Registrar's Office

Medical Education

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3.01 Registrar's Office

The Registrar’s Office serves the Harvard Medical School educational community by maintaining the official record of each student and by providing appropriate data to further the educational process of the School.

The Registrar’s Office maintains a permanent academic record for every student and, at his/her request, provides transcripts, certifies enrollment, and processes requests for loan deferrals. The Office is responsible for registering each student (for both preclerkship and clinical courses), processing course/clerkship drop/add requests, distributing grade sheets, and recording grades and evaluations. The Office keeps an up-to-date address for each student. Applications for USMLE examinations are processed through the Registrar’s Office. The Office also coordinates the Harvard Medical School Exchange Clerkship Program, which allows students from other medical schools who are in their final year to participate in clinical electives at HMS. The Office maintains the permanent record for every graduate and, at his/her request, provides transcripts, verifications of degree conferred, and other material needed for licensure and/or hospital staff appointments.

The Registrar’s Office also maintains and updates the HMS Course Catalog (http://www.medcatalog.harvard.edu).

Please go to the Registrar's Office website for more information.