2.12 Credit for Work Done Prior to Matriculation

Office of the Registrar

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2.12 Credit for Work Done Prior to Matriculation

In the New Pathway Program, all students must take all required preclerkship courses, including those students who enter HMS with advanced preparation in a specific discipline. In the New Pathway Program, our educational philosophy celebrates collaborative learning. A critical part of learning in the New Pathway Fundamentals of Medicine (FOM) curriculum is participation in tutorials, a teaching and learning environment that elevates the learning of the entire group and that is enhanced by the diversity of the class, including diversity of preparation in different disciplines. In addition, basic and population science courses taken for other degrees do not necessarily include the medical focus and clinical integration that our courses incorporate. In some FOM courses, special class sections may be designated for students with advanced preparation; however, students in the New Pathway may not receive credit for courses taken prior to matriculation.

Occasionally, HST students may have taken preclerkship HST courses prior to matriculation; such students wishing credit for these courses taken prior to matriculation should apply directly to the course director and the HST London Society Associate Master before or as soon as possible after matriculation at HMS. Credit is not guaranteed, however, and is awarded at the discretion of the course director. In such instances, credit awarded for work done prior to matriculation does not decrease the number of course requirements a student must earn for the MD degree.




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