2.07 Full or Part-time Status Requirements

Medical Education

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2.07 Full or Part-time Status Requirements

All students must be officially registered with the Registrar’s Office each year. Students who do not register will be withdrawn from the School.

Students are required to spend four years of full-time study at Harvard Medical School.

The New Pathway curriculum (FOM and PCE) and HST are by design full time for Years I, II and III. Any deviations from FOM, HST or PCE will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Beginning in July of the advanced electives year (ordinarily Year IV), full-time status requires a minimum of twelve-week equivalents (generally, this is three 4-week-equivalent clerkships) per semester.

Similarly, the Pathways curriculum is full time across the four years.

The academic year consists of 2 academic terms – Fall and Spring. Generally, the Fall term runs July to December, and the Spring term runs from January to June (May in the graduating year). However, due to the complexities of the HMS curricula, there is a distinct calendar for each component of the curriculum; in addition, the begin/end dates for each academic year may vary (see 2.01 for link to academic calendars).

Students ordinarily may not enroll in courses that meet at the same time or overlapping times. The student’s responsibility is to ensure that no overlap exists in the meeting times of his or her courses. Exceptions to this rule may be granted only by the Registrar, but rarely are granted. Students requesting exemption to this rule must file a petition with the Registrar’s Office. The petition must include the reason for the simultaneous enrollment and an explanation of how the work will be completed for both courses.

Registered students may unofficially audit courses with the permission of the course instructors. However, auditors may not take course examinations or receive course grades, and audited courses do not appear on students’ transcripts.


Last updated on 7/28/15