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CREW Reports to be Disabled as of November 1, 2015

The MFR (Modernization of Financial Reporting) project team will be disabling CREW Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Cash Management reports on November 1st.  At that time, FSS Client Services and the Harvard Data Warehouse (HDW) will disable those CREW Reports and OBI will be the sole source for this information. Read more

Upcoming HUBS Upgrade - November 9th

Below are the key dates and areas of impact for the upcoming HUBS upgrade.  Please contact your budget analyst if you have any questions.

Key Points:

HUBS will be unavailable during the upgrade.  The upgrade begins at 5:00pm on Friday, November 6th, through to 9:00am on Monday, November 9th.

Browsers.  It is recommended that IE users upgrade their browsers to IE 11 after the upgrade on November 9th

Smart View Plug-In.  It is recommended that Smart View users upgrade their plug-in after the upgrade on November 9th.  

New look and feel to the Planning Applications.  The upgrade brings a new look and feel to the Planning Applications, but there are no new or changed business processes due to the upgrade.


Does my IT group know I need a new browser and/or Smart View version installed?  The HUBS Team has reached out to IT groups throughout the University to let them know the new versions are required. If you have not heard from them you may want to contact them to find out when they will update your browser and/or Smart View.  HUBS is also compatible with IE 10 and 9.

What if I still have IE 8 on November 9th >> Although IE 8 is no longer a supported browser for HUBS you will still be able to work in HUBS with exception: The HUBS homepage will not load. 

What if I still have the old version of Smart View on November 9th?  You will not be able to user Smart View Reporting and Analysis. We recommend that users who cannot upgrade their Smart View by November 9th upgrade as soon as possible after that.

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) is a new reporting platform currently under development by the University.  The OBI dashboards will replace the current CREW reporting system, and we are currently live with CAPS, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management and Accounts Payable dashboards.  The OBI-GMAS reporting dashboard will be available for testing in early September.  The OBI Project Team will begin the planning phase of the OBI financial dashboards (which includes detail listing) during FY16, with anticipated rollout in early FY17.  The OBI dashboards will provide more robust reporting, with many updated features.  Training materials will be available through the OBI Wiki page found at:

OBI Tools Training:

Would you like to film a commercial?  The project team is looking to film 2 minute commercials with individuals who are using the new dashboards to improve their workflow.  If you would be interested in participating in a commercial which will be viewed by the Harvard community, please contact Cheryl O'Toole.

For questions related to the OBI rollout, please contact Cheryl O'Toole at 617-998-6887 or


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