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Oracle Fixed Assets (OFA)  - Please note that as of August 4th data from MAES is being converted to the new system, and users should not access fixed assets until notification has been sent that the conversion process and associated testing has been completed.

Beginning with the first AP close of FY 15, fixed asset transactions will post to the new system. 

What steps should you be taking now?

  • Review your Detail Listing Report from CREW for new additions in the 68xx object code series, during the May and June time period and complete a tag request form for all transactions to be tagged.  Please send all tag requests to Samantha Cohen as soon as possible.
  • Use the AP Adjustment tool to correct any identified coding issues.  As a reminder, journal entries to reclass fixed asset transactions are no longer allowed.  Users will receive a notification if a journal entry is processed, and will be required to reverse the journal entry and process the transaction through the AP adjustment tool.  Please see the month end close calendar adjustments below outlining the deadlines for processing AP adjustments.
  • For AP adjustments requiring cost transfer approval, please remember to send a copy of the cost transfer paperwork to your approver.
  • Send completed disposition forms for any additional disposals that occurred during the May-June time period to Samantha Cohen.

If you have any questions, please contact Samantha Cohen at 617-998-6878 or

New Requirement for Salary Journal Entries

Effective immediately, salary journals affecting sponsored accounts must include the “Period of Work Performed” (PWP) for all lines (sponsored and non-sponsored) associated with an individual HUID for the total amount being moved. 

The requirement to include the Period of Work Performed on all lines will address several data issues in the ecrt Effort Reporting system.  Journals without the PWP on all lines will need to be reversed and re-posted.  Please refer to the job aid, “Creating and Posting Payroll Journals” for assistance completing journals to include the PWP.

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) is a new reporting platform currently under development by the University.  The OBI dashboards will replace the current CREW reporting system, and will be phased in gradually throughout Calendar Year 2014.  The OBI dashboards will provide more robust reporting, with many updated features.  The roll-out of the new dashboards (reports) will be phased in by subject area with Student Financials going live in early May. The timeline for additional phases will be communicated as details are finalized.  As the new dashboards are rolled out, additional training materials will be available through the OBI Wiki page found at:

OBI Tools Training:

For questions related to the OBI rollout, please contact Cheryl O'Toole at 617-998-6887 or

Month End Close Calendar Adjustments

On April 1st, 2014, the first phase of the Oracle Assets implementation went live. As a result of this implementation the month end close calendar will need to be modified.

The current month end close deadlines are:

  • AP Closes on Business Day 4 (3PM)
  • General Ledger Closes on Business Day 5 (9AM Start)

A pre-requisite for closing the Assets module is that AP must be closed. Additionally, Assets must be closed prior to closing the General Ledger. In order to keep the existing schedule for when the General Ledger closes, the AP close will need to be moved up one day.

Starting with the April close, the new month end close schedule will be as follows:

  • AP Closes on Business Day 3 (3PM)
  • Oracle Assets Closes on Business Day 4 (3PM Start)
  • General Ledger Closes on Business Day 5 (9AM Start)

Due to this change, in order to have an invoice processed in the current month, it must be sent to Accounts Payable (1033 Mass Ave) with a valid purchase order number the second to last business day rather than the final business day. For example, for April month end, the invoices are due to Accounts Payable on Tuesday, April 29th as opposed to Wednesday, April 30th.

Please note this process will go into effect for the April 2014 close.