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Child Care

We aim to proactively address childcare needs by engaging internal and external childcare groups from HMS/HSDM and affiliates to share information and leverage resources.

Flextime and Job Sharing Subcommittee

Our goal is to learn what factors make flexible time and job sharing effective so that these work possibilities can be options for talented women (and men) to encourage them to continue their careers.


We aim to increase membership of the JCSW community and to represent a diverse group of people from HMS/HSDM and affiliates who are supportive of the mission of the JCSW.


We aim to support women faculty and staff in obtaining the tools and support they need to advance their careers and achieve their full potential. We work with the Dean’s Faculty Development and Diversity Task Force “Framework for Action.”


We develop internal and external programs that are relevant to the JCSW mission and timely with the current JCSW environment and focus.

Technology and Communication

We coordinate with subcommittees and external entities, and seek the technological means necessary, for the JCSW goals to be more efficiently accomplished and its accomplishments more widely disseminated. 

Joseph B. Martin Dean's Leadership Awards for the Advancement of Women 

The annual Faculty award was established by Dr. Martin in 1998 to recognize the contributions of an individual who has significantly supported recruitment, retention, and/or promotion of women faculty at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated institutions. The award is presented at the May meeting of the Faculty of Medicine. In 1999 Dean Martin extended this award to recognize an individual who has demonstrated support for the career development, professional advancement, mentoring, and advocacy for career/life balance of women staff. The staff award is announced at the Dean's State of the School address.

Salary Equity

We advocate for, and increase awareness regarding equity in pay and benefits for members of the Harvard community.


Who We Are

A community of women and men who strive to make the working environment better for all.


The Joint Committee on the Status of Women

Harvard Medical School /
Harvard School of Dental Medicine
25 Shattuck Street, Room 206
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 617.432.0719