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HMS Next Workstreams

In order to review our current practices and identify ways to improve efficiencies and preserve resources, opportunities for the School have been grouped into five functional workstreams.  These workstreams meet regularly to review opportunities, generate implementation plans and represent the departments and administrative areas throughout HMS.  Each workstream is sponsored by an administrative leader and lead by a departmental team lead and subject matter expert.  The workstreams are introduced below:

Shared Administrative Services

The Shared Administrative Services workstream was created to cultivate awareness of the ongoing need to look for administrative efficiencies across daily administrative life.  The group seeks to achieve cost savings while maintaining high service levels to the faculty. More »

HR Productivity Initiatives

The HR Productivity workstream is focused on the introduction of a web based system of HR data processing and appointments.  This workstream intends to enhance customer service through the use of technology, resulting in efficiency and cost savings.  This group is also focused on decreasing redundancy and providing the opportunity for system to system communication. More »


The Communications workstream is charged with articulating the mission and goals of this initiative, reporting on the progress of the workstreams and developing communication strategies that encourage support of HMS Next outcomes. More »

IT Service and Delivery

The IT workstream was created to consider a variety of opportunities for efficiency throughout the school.  Areas of focus include the standardization of hardware, IT partnership opportunities and optimizing customer service. More »

Managed Procurement

The Managed Procurement group has concentrated on the development of a managed procurement function and improvements in the way we purchase lab supplies, services and office supplies.  This group has explored a variety of opportunities related to areas such as postage spend and branded materials such as business cards and stationary. More »

Facilities & Operations

The Facilities and Operations workstream was created to identify cost savings and increased efficiencies related to a broad portfolio which includes security access points, lab heating and air exchanges, cleaning cycles and cleaning supplies. More »