Select Agent Registration Form

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Select Agent Registration Form   

What are Select Agents? "Select Agents" is a euphemism for viable organisms, biological toxins that might be used by Bioterrorists (listed in Word or in pdf format). Two laws regulate their use. The first, passed in 1996, restricts the shipment of Select Agents. The second, enacted in 2001, extends the restrictions to the possession of these agents.

Electronic Filing. We enter much of the material on your registration form into a database. Rather than retyping your words we would prefer to get them directly from you. If possible please e-mail a copy of your Word or WordPerfect application to us at Thanks.

Why register with COMS? The Select Agent regulations are complicated and may change with time. If you are registered we can help you understand the regulations and keep you up to date on changes.

What about Exemptions? There are exemptions for use in biomedical research laboratories and for clinical use. The decision as to whether your agent is exempt is best done in consultation with your local Biosafety Officer.

How about DNA encoding Select Agents? They must be registered (in most cases).

Where do you send the filled in registration form? Your BioSafety officer can be found on the registration page.

Why is this form needed? There are lots of ways you can explain your project to COMS. However, when you use our forms it is easier for the COMS staff to find the information they need and your application is approved quickly.    



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