Experiments that require COMS involvement

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Experiments that require COMS involvement.

Recombinant DNA. COMS requires the registration of all RDNA studies.

NIH Recombinant DNA Guidelines. A regulation which governs all research involving recombinant DNA in institutions receiving funding from the US government.

Boston Recombinant DNA Regulation. All RDNA studies in Boston.

  • Boston RDNA Regulations
    The Boston Form is attached to the COMS form.

Cambridge Recombinant DNA Regulation. All RDNA studies in Cambridge

Belmont Recombinant DNA Regulation
No Forms Available

Infectious Agents. COMS requires the registration of all pathogens.

Boston Biological Laboratory Regulation. Requires all laboratories working with BL3 or 4 agents get a permit for their studies.

  • Boston Lab Regulations
  • Boston Lab Regulations Guidelines
  • Boston Lab Regulations Explained
  • Boston Form

Boston Disease Surveillance Regulation. Requires registration for work with high hazard biologicals. Exposures must be reported

  • Boston Disease Regulations
  • Boston Disease Guidelines
  • Boston Disease Registration Form
  • Boston Disease Reporting Hospital Form
  • Boston Disease Reporting Research Form
  • Boston Animal Bite Reporting Form

Boston Laboratory Registration

  • Boston Lab 2006 Ordinance
  • Boston Lab Registration Guide
  • Boston Lab Registration Form

Select Agent (SA) Regulations from the COMS, CDC and the USDA.

Primate Tissues including Human Tissues, Blood, CSF, . . .

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. This standard is designed to help protect employees from viruses in human (and other primate) blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, seminal fluid, vaginal secretions . . .

Dual Use Agents, NIH, NSABB

COMS requires registration of all research that might inadvertently be of value to enemies.

  • No NIH or COMS Dual Use forms yet.

Xenotransplantation (Human)

COMS approval required for animal tissue transferred into humans.

Human Studies involving Recombinant DNA

All "gene transfer" into humans must be registered with COMS

  • COMS Forms



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