Experiments that do not require COMS involvement

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Shipping: Excellent Shipping Manual from the University of New Hampshire
TRAINING IS A FEDERAL REQUIREMENT - Check with your Biosafety Officer

Exporting Biologicals

US Department of Commerce export controls are designed to prevent sensitive items (and sometimes knowledge) from getting in the hands (and minds) of potential enemies. Violations are severely punished.

Shipping Biologicals Within the US

Several jurisdictions: CDC, USPS, DOT, IATA, ....

Shipping Biologicals Across State Lines

State Lines. Interstate Shipments are governed by the US Department of Agriculture

  • Call your Biosafety Officer for advice
  • USDA Interstate Permit, Instructions

Receiving Biologicals from Abroad

Importation often requires a permit from the Centers for Disease Control

  • Call your Biosafety Officer for advice
  • CDC Import of Pathogens
  • CDC Import Permit Application
  • USDA Import Permit Application

Hazardous Waste

Massachusetts Regulation: Applies if you are discarding biological material.

Boston General Laboratory Registration Ordinance

Boston General Laboratory Registration Ordinance Fire Department regulation requiring all labs to provide information about hazardous materials to first responders.

Human Embryonic Stem Cells (hESC) 

"Presidential " regulations for hESC deny US Government funding for work with those generated after 9:00PM on 9 April 2001.

Guidelines from the National Academy of Sciences (2007)

Embryonic Stem Cell Review Overview Committees (ESCROs)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts hESC law, 2005



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