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ABSA = American Biological Safety Association (

ACGM = Advisory Committee on Genetic Modification (from the UK Health and Safety Executive)

AIHA = American Industrial Hygiene Association

APHIS = Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (a part of the US Department of Agriculture )

CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (a part of the US Department of Health and Human Services)

COMS = Harvard Committee on Microbiological Safety (an Institutional Biosafety Committee)

DHHS = US Department of Health and Human Services

FAS = Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences (in Cambridge)

FBI = Federal Bureau of Investigation (a part of the US Department of Justice)

FDA = Food and Drug Administration (

HHMI = Howard Hughes Medical Institute (

IACUC = Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (a local faculty committee)

IBC = Institutional Biosafety Committee (a local faculty committee, at Harvard, COMS)

IRB = Institutional Review Board (a local faculty committee dealing with the ethics of human research)

NIH = National Institutes of Health (a part of the US Department of Health and Human Services)

NSABB = National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NIH

OBA = Office of Biotechnology Affairs. (NIH

RAC = Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (Part of the National Institutes of Health)

USDA = US Department of Agriculture



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