Security and Campus Safety

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Security and Campus Safety at Harvard Medical School

The role of the Harvard Medical School Security Department staff is to enhance the quality of life for the entire HMS community by maintaining a secure and open environment where the safety of all is well balanced with a strong commitment to professionalism and customer service.

The success of the security staff depends upon an effective working relationship between the security staff, and the diverse elements of the Harvard Medical School community, including the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD), students, staff, faculty, visitors, and other Longwood Medical Area institutions. Critical to this relationship is mutual understanding and respect. Therefore, the security department pledges to respect the diverse needs and interests of the community. We strive to be diligent and relentless in the protection of both persons and property.

The security staff has a strong and valued relationship with HUPD and defer to their operational expertise in all matters as we fully integrate with and support their mission to maintain community peace, safety and quality of life. In embodying a community-oriented problem-solving (COPS) approach, HUPD has called for a partnership between the HUPD and the Harvard Community, which involves and incorporates the security staffs assistance everyday. We are considered a valued part of HUPD's team and assist by providing them with additional sets of eyes & ears that focus on individual buildings and areas. Security Officers assigned to HMS assist the police at the ground level by providing information and concerns that may otherwise go unnoticed.