Updates and News

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Updates and News

HVAC Isolation Test


At noon today, May 2, the Facilities group will be shutting down air supply and exhaust across the Longwood Campus. This is the second test of a process to isolate HMS Longwood from airborne threats. The HVAC systems will begin a systematic and prioritized return to service within about 15 minutes of test start. Operations are to cease just prior to noon in fume hoods and any steam emitting devices until the Department Facilities contact provides the “all clear.” It is expected that normal service will be restored no later than 1 pm. Specific test-related issues must be directed to the Test Center, 2-4873, no earlier than 11 am. Other inquiries before 11 am can be directed to Rob Behrent, 2-1429.


Short Term Weather Change


We are expecting a short duration change in temperature to unseasonable highs. This temperature increase this week and then for a period next week will be bound by more seasonable temperatures requiring heating. As a campus, we generally do NOT have cooling available until mid-April. We ask for your patience to manage through these couple of days ahead of us. Thank You.


Longwood Campus Steam Pressure


The Campus (S Campus, HIM, NRB) was affected by a significant pressure drop at 7:20 am. MATEP reported an issue in their system to HMS and the neighboring hospitals. Acceptable steam pressure was restored at 7:55 am. The determination of cause is pending from MATEP.


Goldenson Power Outage


The Goldenson building power was lost approximately 4:15 pm on Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012. emergency power transferred as expected. Investigation into elevator performance remains. Power was restored at 6:26 pm. Cause has been determined to be a 10 Hp fan motor in the make up air handler #4 failed and shorted to building ground. A replacement motor has been installed but further electrical investigation remains before new motor testing and operation.




The annual verification has now been successfully completed


Energy Saving Tips - Holiday Break


The HMS Facilities Group would like to remind everyone to help reduce energy use over the break by following these few simple steps: * Turn off and unplug lights and computers * Unplug non-essential lab and kitchen equipment * Close fume hood sashes * Keep vents, diffusers, and radiators free of obstruction * Close windows, shades, and doors * Report any leaks, missing ceiling tiles, or unusual noises * Upon return, do not double up on washing and sterilization loads Why is it important to conserve energy at HMS? We have a social obligation to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions whenever possible. By following the above simple steps, we can work together to significantly conserve energy and, therefore, reduce greenhouse gas emissions even when we’re not here! So, please join us in doing our part to reduce energy use over the break. Thank you very much for your cooperation and support. Please do not hesitate to contact our Energy Manager (Allen Hebert, allen_hebert@hms.harvard.edu, 432-7997) with any questions, comments, or additional ideas on reducing energy use. For emergency calls, please contact the Facilities Control Center at 432-1901.


BSL-3 Annual Verification


Today marks the first in a series of activities to complete the CDC required annual verification. It is expected that complete access will occur Dec 27th and close-out January 06. This work is being managed by Joe Hayes and Ian Rankin.


Facilities Drill Underway


The HMS Facilities group is conducting an emergency drill this morning set to conclude no later than 11:30am. Emergency responders will be seen and heard simulating their response.


New Sustainability Coordinator


Please welcome Alicia Murchie as the Longwood Sustainability Coordinator. Alicia is concluding her first week in her new role. Introductions across the HMS Campus are being organized to occur in the very near future.


Steam Supply for Building Heating


The conversion from chilled water to steam began yesterday across the campus.


Temperatures - "Shoulder Season"


The Fall and Spring offer a rollercoaster of temperature swings from day to day and over the course of a day. Commonly referred to as the “Shoulder Seasons.” Many of our original buildings are “two pipe” systems. One pipe carries supply, the other return. We can only deliver either chilled water or hot water but not both simultaneously. Target change over dates are October 15th cold to hot and April 15th hot to cold. The temperature forecast is monitored every day of the year and during these periods temperature forecast trends are reviewed to determine if the schedule date should be adjusted ahead or pushed further out. Following investments continuing to be made in our HVAC infrastructure, a better solution for regulating these seasonal temperatures can be out into place. As always, any suspected temperatures outside of the HMS Temperature Policy should be reported to the Call Center 617.432.1901.


Call Center Upgrade & Relocation


The Facilities Call Center has moved into its new facility following 3 months in a temporary location. This move concludes a number of changes, the most significant of which is the introduction of Control Center Operators managing and monitoring the building management system. All requests for service and problem reporting continues through 617.432.1901 and non priority communications via facilitiescallcenter@hms.harvard.edu


Major Utility Outage


Earlier today we lost the supply of steam to the entire campus and chilled water to all but the New Research Building (NRB). Other Longwood area institutions were less fortunate losing electrical power as well. An event occurred at the local power plant for which the cause is as yet unknown. The event occurred about 11am and was terminated at 12:30pm with normal services throughout the campus restored. Hot water was still approaching normal temperature as those systems continue to heat up from the returned steam supply.


Emergency DRILL Underway


Facilities is conducting an emergency response DRILL this morning that will conclude before Noon. Simulated areas affected are WAB, Courtyard Cafe, HSDM, Countway and surrounding grounds. Emergency responders may be seen in these areas as part of this DRILL.


A Day of Remembrance................