LMA Public Parking

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LMA Public Parking

375 Longwood Garage

The 375 Longwood Avenue garage offers daily parking to patients and visitors of the Longwood Medical Area. Please keep in mind that this facility only provides clearance for vehicles up to 6’6”. This garage has a pay-on-foot pay station which accepts cash and credit card (Visa or MC only), as well as pay on exit capability which accepts credit card only (Visa or MC only). Tickets processed at the pay station must be redeemed at exit lane within 10 minutes.

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Evening Rates In after 3:30 PM • Out by 8:30 AM next day
Weekend Rate In after 3:30 PM Friday • Out by 8:30 AM Monday

The 375 Longwood Avenue garage, provides a number of courtesy services which include flat-tire and jump start assistance, self-service wind-shield cleaning on every level, and Books-To-Go on tape or CD (for monthly parkers only). There is also car washing and cleaning services on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays starting at 7am, located on level P1 (free parking is extended for full detail services). Please contact CarCare at 617-277-7400 for more information.

There are bike racks located just outside of the garage entrance as well as at the end of the 15-minute loop at the top of the handicap ramp.

350 Longwood Galleria Garage

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333 Longwood Avenue Garage

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