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Buses to LMA
LMA Shuttles
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Transit to LMA

Buses to LMA

No. 8 between Harbor Point/UMass (Red Line) and Kenmore Square via Boston Medical Center, and Ruggles Station (Commuter Rail, Orange Line). LMA stops: along Avenue Louis Pasteur, Longwood Avenue, and Brookline Avenue.

No. 39 between Forest Hills, Copley, and Back Bay (Orange Line, Commuter Rail). This route follows E Line to Arborway and continues to Forest Hills. LMA stops: along Huntington Avenue.

No. 47 between Central Square, Cambridge and Broadway via LMA and Ruggles Station (Commuter Rail, Orange Line). LMA stops: along Avenue Louis Pasteur, Longwood Avenue, and Brookline Avenue.

No. 60 between Chestnut Hill and Kenmore Square via Brookline Village. LMA stops: along Brookline Avenue.

No. 65 between Brighton Center and Kenmore Square via Brookline Village. LMA stops: along Brookline Avenue.

No. 66 between Dudley Square and Harvard Square via LMA (Brigham Circle), Brookline Village and Allston. LMA stops: Brigham Circle.

No. CT2 (Crosstown) between Kendall Square, MIT (Cambridge) and Ruggles Station via LMA. LMA stops: Brookline Avenue, Longwood Avenue, and Ruggles Street.

No. CT3 (Crosstown) between Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center and Logan Airport via LMA, Andrew Station and Boston Medical Center. LMA stops: Avenue Louis Pasteur, Longwood Avenue, Brooklin Avenue.

For more information please check the MBTA or MASCO web site.

LMA Shuttle Services

Shuttle All-Ride Program
The LMA All-Ride Shuttle allows employees and students of all LMA medical institutions to ride many of the shuttles servicing Longwood but operated by institutions other than their own.

Fenway (Park & Ride Shuttles)
Most LMA employees can register for off-site parking at any MASCO-managed facility through the parking/commuting office of participating institutions. The shuttle buses are free to off-site parkers. Employees who park in one of the MASCO-managed facilities can get shuttle timetables from their institutional parking/commuter services office or from the human resources office where they work.

LMA Harvard Medical School Shuttle (M2)
MASCO manages the Harvard Medical School shuttle which runs between the LMA and Harvard University in Cambridge. Tickets for the Harvard M2 shuttle can be bought at certain institutional parking offices or at the cashier’s office at Holyoke Center in Cambridge. Purchase locations for M2 tickets are listed below and on the M2 schedule, which is available at your parking/commuting office, the Information Office at Holyoke Center Arcade, and the security desk at Vanderbilt Hall.

Locations where M2 tickets are available

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center -
East Campus Commuter Services Office

Kirstein Building Rm. 224
330 Brookline Avenue
Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Brigham & Women's Hospital - Cashier's Office
Main Entrance/Lobby
75 Francis Street (employees only)
Hours: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Children's Hospital - Parking Office
283 Longwood Avenue , 1st Floor of Parking Garage
(Children's Hospital Discount applies to Children Hospital employees only)
Hours: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - General Services
Shields Warren Bldg., 3rd Floor
Binney Street
Hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Simmons College , Student Box Office
Window W002, Main College Building
(Simmons faculty, staff and students only)
Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Ruggles Express (Service to and from the Ruggles MBTA Station)
The Ruggles Express provides service between the Ruggles MBTA Station and the LMA at no charge to all employees and students of MASCO member institutions.  Schedules and other information about the Ruggles Express can be obtained from the institution's parking offices, or by asking the bus driver.

JFK/UMASS Shuttle (Service to and from JFK/UMASS MBTA Station)
The JFK/UMASS Shuttle provides service between JFK/UMASS MBTA station and the LMA at no charge to employees and students of MASCO's member institutions. The shuttle runs approximately every 15 minutes in the morning between 6:00am to 9:30am, and approximately every 15-20 minutes in the afternoon from 3:20pm until the last trip at 8:05pm. Please click the above link to view the current schedule.

Landmark - Longwood Shuttle
The Landmark/Longwood shuttle provides service between Landmark Center and Harvard School of Public Health, via Vanderbilt Hall,  Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. No weekend or Holiday service. There is no charge for this service. Drivers are allowed to pick-up and discharge passengers at designated stop only.

Shuttle Locator

Wondering if the shuttle is running on schedule? Want real-time information on the M2/Cambridge, Ruggles Express, JFK/UMass or Park and Ride shuttles? Check the current location of shuttles – anytime, anywhere – with a mobile smart phone at or on the internet at If you are an iPhone user, you can download the Shuttle Tracker IPhone application for even easier access to real-time bus information.

Transportation Advisories

To keep LMA commuters informed and up-to-date on things that may affect their travel, MASCO staff works closely with state and city agencies, the Red Sox, and MASCO member institutions to monitor existing conditions and events that impact traffic in-and-around the LMA. Traffic advisories and alerts are posted on MASCO’s website at Shuttle Advisories will also be posted on our GPS/Transloc website (

Transit to LMA

Green Line Service and Other Connections

D Line Riverside - Service between Riverside and Government Center (Blue Line), North Station and Lechmere via Newton, Brookline, LMA (Longwood and Fenway stops), Kenmore Square, and Park Street (Red Line). Subway trains arrive every six to twelve minutes during rush hour.

E Line Arborway - Service between Heath Street and Lechmere via LMA (Brigham Circle, Longwood/Hospitals or Museum of Fine Arts stops), Copley, Park Street (Red Line), Government Center (Blue Line) and North Station (Commuter Rail). Bus No 39 supplements E Line service to Forest Hills. Subway trains arrive every nine minutes during rush hour.

Commuter Rail service is available to communities north and west of Boston via North Station and communities west and south of Bostion via Ruggles Station, Back Bay Station, and South Station.

For more information please check the MBTA web site.