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Welcome to our Green @HMS website!

Harvard Medical School, School of Dental Medicine and Wyss GREEN TEAM

Next meeting: TBD

Who we are: A volunteer group of staff and students from HMS, HSDM, and the Wyss Institute committed sustainability in the workplace.

What we do: We strive to reduce resource waste and energy inefficiencies throughout the Longwood campus and in other medical area offices, with the goal of reducing negative environmental impact and supporting the Medical School’s mission of improving human health.

Get involved: The Green Team consists of several topic-focused subcommittees. Attend the next Green Team meeting or event to learn more, or contact the subcommittee chairperson listed below about ongoing projects or contact

  • Green Team Chairperson: Jennifer Bellows

Green Team Subcommittees:

  • Energy & Water: Orlando Martinez
  • Sustainable Labs: Bob Freeman & Quentin Gilly
  • Communications: Angela Alberti & Christine DeLallo
  • Countway Garden & Composting: Hanna Clutterbuck
  • Recycling, Compost & Waste: Stefanie Gleason

Additional subcommittees are forming now. Attend the next Green Team meeting to learn more. 

Questions: For more information contact Alicia Murchie, Longwood Campus Sustainability Manager at or visit



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