Admissions Statistics

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Admissions Statistics & Student Profile

There were 6,614 completed applications for the August 2014 entering class.

Annually, Harvard Medical School interviews between 800-1000 applicants for a class of 165.

All entrants took the MCAT and had baccalaureate degrees.

Average GPA and MCAT scores of entering students:

For the 2014 entering class, the average scores are given below. Please keep in mind that the scores of the students selected for admission included a broad range of scores that includes scores reflective of national averages.

  • average GPA: 3.8
  • average MCAT scores were:

Physical Science-12.41
Biological Science-12.67

Although there is no application cutoff in terms of grade point average or MCAT scores, academic excellence is expected.

Make-up of the incoming class:

Members of the Fall 2014 HMS entering class::

  • from 66 undergraduate institutions, 33 states and 15 foreign countries
  • 77% of whom majored in the sciences
  • 49% are women, 51% are men
  • 20% are from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in medicine
  • the class ranges in age from 20-36

Student Profile:

Harvard Medical School affirms that medical education is enhanced by diversity among the student body, and has one of the most diverse medical school enrollments in the country. 17% of the student body comes from groups underrepresented in medicine, and another 35% from other minority groups. Students hail from 45 U.S. states, many foreign countries, and over 100 different undergraduate institutions.




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