Tutor Development and Training

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Tutor Development and Training 
Workshops for both new and experienced tutors focus on a number of teaching elements including small group facilitation; giving effective feedback; underlying processes and theories behind teaching and learning. Members of the CTL provide support for faculty participation in many elements of teaching at the HMS. 

Upcoming Introduction to Tutorial Facilitation 
Course Specific Sessions 

COURSE SPECIFIC: Introduction to Tutorial Facilitation 
These sessions are specific to a given course. They are by invitations only. 

Faculty: Sammuel Kennedy, PhD 
Overview: This session will explore: 

  • Aspects of tutorial learning and facilitation
  • Expectations of the tutorial process
  • Strategies to promote the highest likelihood of success
  • Best practices for required feedback and evaluation

Tutor Recognition : To qualify for recognition, a tutor must achieve the following: 

  • Minimum of 6 students evaluations - (A minimum of 5 responses for PD1) 
  • Score of 1.25 or better on student evaluations 
  • Teach a minimum of 6 teaching sessions in a specified course 

Awards are issued at two different levels: 

  • Certificates of Excellence in Tutoring: If the above criteria are realized within a one year period, the tutor will be recognized with a certificate in Excellence in Tutoring 
  • Award for Excellence in Tutoring- Three Year Award: If the above performance criteria are consistently realized over a three year period, the individual will receive an Award for Excellence in Tutoring.  

Tutor Award Recipients

Certificate of Excellence in Tutoring Recipients
AY 2010 (2009-2010)
AY 2011 (2010-2011)
AY 2012 (2011-2012)
AY 2013 (2012-2013)
AY 2014 (2013-2014) listed by course

Excellence in Tutoring Award Recipients- 3 Year Award
AY 2014 (2013-2014)
AY 2015 (2014-2015)

Resources for Tutors
Small Group Learning Proposal
HMS Curriculum Blueprint



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