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James Gordon, MD MPA

2014-2016 Members: TBA 

Summary of Activity for AY14
​The HMS Academy Simulation Interest Group continues to serve as a resource to support simulation programming across the HMS community, and to provide a forum for collaboration across affiliated simulation centers.

During AY 14, the Student Simulation Interest Group (supported by the faculty Interest Group), maintained biweekly “on-demand” educational sessions for a group of approximately 100 students over the course of the year.  These sessions, formalized in AY13, continue to provide opportunities for senior students to develop as “teaching assistants” in support of simulation programming across pre-clinical courses.  

Quarterly meetings continue as part of a city-wide simulation consortium, held in collaboration with CIMIT and the Center for Medical Simulation. This year also saw completion of the HMS Clinical Skills Center, which modernized and expanded on-campus simulation resources.  Interest Group members remained active in publishing and peer-review of the simulation-based literature.

Into AY15, the Interest Group will continue to serve as a resource to support curricular reform.  As part of that process, the group will work to complete a simulation needs analysis, with plans for design and testing of simulation-based “flipped classroom” activity.  New faculty development programming will be formalized, including expanded teaching/support roles for Student Interest Group members.



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