Resident as Teacher

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Resident as Teacher

Co Chairs:
Tracey Cho, MD MA
Hope Ricciotti, MD

2014 Meetings:

January 24,2014 (9-10AM) TMEC 447- RSVP
April 7,2014 (3:30-5:00PM) TMEC 448 - RSVP
June 6,2014 (9-10AM) TMEC 447 - RSVP

Katharyn Atkins, MD
Laura Avery, MD
Scott Beach, MD
Kriti Bhatia, MD
David Brown, MD
Susan Burgin, MD
Michael Cahalane, MD
Argyro Caminis, MD
Alex Carbo, MD
Angela Catic, MD
Stacy Charat, MD
Vincent Chiang, MD
Donald Di Salvo, MD
Frank Drislane, MD
Lauren Fisher, DO
Ariel Frey-Vogel, MD
Amanda Growdon, MD
Anita Gupta, MD
Natasha Johnson, MD
Tara Kent, MD
Holly Khachadoorian-Elia, MD
Joshua Klein, MD
Carolyn Kloek, MD
Jennifer McSweeney, MD
Fremonta Meyer, MD
Kevin O'Connor, MD
Kerri Palamara, MD
Alberto Puig, MD
Subha Ramani, MD
David Roberts, MD
Tom Sandora, MD MPH
Susan Seward, MD
Leigh Simmons, MD
Christopher Smith, MD
Heather Speller, MD
James Takayesu, MD MS
Pamela Vohra-Kullar, MD
Carey York-Best, MD


  • Create a best-practice curricula for Harvard training programs so all house staff receive formal training and evaluation in teaching skills
  • Ensure all trainees understand the goals and objectives of Harvard Medical students in the various rotations

To date we have:

  1. Created a slide deck for orienting all Harvard Medical School housestaff to their roles as educators in clinical medicine, which is being implemented at all the major Harvard teaching hospitals.

  2.  Created a best-practice checklist for Resident-as-Teacher programs for Departments to utilize in enhancing their training in medical education for residents.

  3.  On February 14, 2013 the Academy Resident as Teacher Interest Group held a symposia, “Residents as Teachers: Training the Next Generation of Medical Educators.”  


Implement best practice check list in Harvard training programs and use it to serve as a national model

2014 Meeting Minutes:

 1/24/14 Meeting:
1/24/14 Agenda

4/7/2014 Meeting:

6/6/2014 Meeting

2010-2012 Meetings' Agenda and  Meetings:

 8/25/2010 Minutes 
11/15/2010 Minutes
9/26/2011 Minutes
10/18/2012 Agenda


Ilgen, Jonathan S. Back to the Bedside: The eight year evolution of a resident-as-teacher rotation. Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2010.

Resident as Teacher Bibliography

Resident as Teacher ACE draft

Resident as Teacher: Teaching in the Clinical Setting Powerpoint by the RAT Interest Group


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