Resident as Teacher

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Resident as Teacher

Co Chairs:
Tracey Cho, MD MA
Hope Ricciotti, MD

Goals and Achievements 
Meeting Minutes

Spring 2016 Meetings:
Friday, January 8th 9-10:00AM TMEC 140- RSVP
Monday, April 4th 3:30-4:30PM TMEC 130- RSVP

Resident/Fellow as Teacher Programs and Curricula from the Harvard Training Programs click here for more information 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 – 3:00-5:00 pm
Hope Ricciotti, M.D., and Tracey Cho, M.D.
The Resident as Teacher Interest Group from the Academy at Harvard Medical School (HMS) is sponsoring a showcase to highlight and share Resident/Fellow as Teacher programs and curricula from the Harvard training programs. HMS faculty and trainees will present some of their best offerings in Resident/Fellow as Teacher trainings, curricula, assessments, and other programming in order to share ideas. 

Link to Program Schedule
Abstract Booklet
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The Resident as Teacher Interest Group aims to provide guidance to faculty and chief residents in creating formal curricula to help train residents and fellows as teachers. Our goals are to: (1) create a best-practice curricula for Harvard training programs so all house staff receive formal training and evaluation in teaching skills; (2) ensure all trainees understand the goals and objectives of Harvard Medical students in the various rotations.
During AY 14, the interest group: (1) revised a slide deck for orienting all Harvard Medical School house staff to their roles as educators in clinical medicine, which was delivered to interns at a retreat and will be implemented in an on-line form at all the major Harvard teaching hospitals this summer; (2) began work on an HMS survey of best-practice Resident-as-Teacher programs using our checklist to assess the current state of training in medical education for residents and fellows.
In AY 15, the interest group plans to complete the survey of Harvard training programs and use the checklist to serve as a national model. We are planning a “Showcase” of HMS affiliated RaT programs in September with platform presentations, abstract booklet, and award for best abstracts. We are also working with one of our members to create a new student-as-teacher course as an elective for the new post-PCE curriculum. 

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Ilgen, Jonathan S. Back to the Bedside: The eight year evolution of a resident-as-teacher rotation. Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2010.
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Resident as Teacher ACE draft
Resident as Teacher: Teaching in the Clinical Setting Powerpoint by the RAT Interest Group

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